17 Sep

Since I have a kindle and am not sure if you can get these books other ways via Nook or other E reader.  Sorry sort of tech savy sometimes not.   

These are my recommendations if you have a Kindle Dream Save Do an action Plan for Dreamers and Getting Rid of It both are by Warren and Betsy Talbot and if you want to follow their blog then please do so.  Getting Rid of it gives you a bit of a step by step guide to getting rid of your things along with how to sell your things to get extra cash.   

I have to admit I have only just started Dream Save Do but, so far I really love it.   

I normally do not recommend things to people unless I really like something and as you know I am not getting anything from folks for my recommendations.  

 This past weekend I have been a bit under the weather….lots of sneezing so much so that I am surprised that i have not sneezed a lung out.  I am really hoping I am not contracting my daughters ick that she had last week.  For some reason once you become a mom there is some rule or unspoken agreement that moms can not be sick and if you do well lets just say it better be serious.  I did my best to get rid of germs by doing lots of laundry and washing and promptly putting things out in the sun to dry and become even more germ free.  I hope it works.  

My daughter sneezed for about two days straight then ran a fever at its highest 100.9.  She was rather listless wanted to either sleep or watch a movie.  Little appetite and for her that is unusual.  She also had a headache before she started her sneezing fits and even during her two days of sneezing. Poor kiddo.  She is better now just a bit stuffed up still.  


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