Game Night

10 Sep











As a family and as a couple we have been trying to find ways to spend more time together doing something more fun and interactive.  We have recently tried Catan a very simple version.  This is great and rather short game that does not last for hours on end.  Very nice when you have a four year old who might decide that she would rather go off and play with a toy or what ever else suits her at the time.  



 We have recently tried Carcasssonne there are a few different versions and of course expansions with it.  I really like it from a creative stand because the “board” is constantly changing and is never the same twice this was a big selling point for me.  I also love games where you do not back stab the other players.  I would either rather work together or be selfish.  These are both great games and give us some quality time together.  These are a lot cheaper than buying a video game system and the games that go with it.  Plus we have something we can do if the power ever goes out besides watch TV, read or crafts.  


I have been teaching our daughter some card games that I learned as a child I only had trouble with “Go Fish”  in that I could not remember how many cards to deal out.  I got it figured out.  





What games do you like to play?  What do you like to do as a family or couple?  




I have a link I would like to share with folks to either read or not..












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