6 Sep

As most of you are aware I recently paid off my credit card and am very happy about this.  I did make a few purchases but, mainly ebooks that are now on my Kindle that I plan or reading.   It was so satisfying to run my expired credit card through my paper shredder I even ran it through twice so fun.  

 I have mentioned before that my daughter is a bad influence.  I am starting to warm up to the color pink.  I bought as part of my celebration a pacsafe purse just like my daughters in pink.  Arrrgh what is wrong with me?  As a female I really hated pink being told that little girls were supposed to wear pink never mind that it made my skin turn an even more sickly yellow hue.  So now I am only enjoying small amounts of pink in the form of a purse and other accessories.  I even like “Hello Kitty”  arrgh.  She is such a bad influence lol.  I do enjoy broadening my horizons though and giving pink a second chance as long as I dont have to wear it.  

Do you have any color(s) that you cant stand or dont like to wear?  Let me know in the comments.  

I did want to include a link for folks to either go to or not.  I hope it helps you to move forward, let some things go hopefully and find some peace in your life.  

Noel enjoyed a bit of time out from her area so I took her upstairs and she had fun especially when my cat decided to play with her or decide if she was tasty or not.  I was watching and not too concerned since Noel can out run my cat.  It was sort of cute but, I may have to put them together more often so they can get used to each other some more or at least figure out how to play better with each other.  



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