Piece of work

5 Sep

My mom can be a piece of work.  Here is the thing she is about the ONLY person I know who thrives and actually enjoys conflict.  I personally have better things to do than deal with angry people.  

My mom has been complaining about her next door neighbors yard and how bad it looks with the over grown weeds so yesterday she actually talked to the people who are now taking care of her neighbors yard and asked them to make sure a few things no longer were a problem.  Yes I understand you dont want vines on power lines etc that probably will affect your own home but, I guess my point is why make your neighbor possibly mad at you when you have to live next to them?  I guess I just like peace and harmony more and frankly have enough conflict sometimes with my daughter and husband.  

i have been in my moms life off and on for awhile now and still have yet to figure her out all the way.  

I did get some good news…my dad called my mom and basically stated that he might be coming in for a visit in October.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!  I would love to see him again and i know his granddaughter feels the same way.  

There are a lot of places I would love to go and visit like Salem, Mass., my friends in NM, and CO., and do not even get me started on the places in world I would love to see.  

 Noel is now happier and i suppose has forgiven me for going away.  The cats are thrilled that I am back mainly I suspect because they eat a bit more regularly as in on time for them.  It just took them awhile to forgive me.  LOL. 


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