Long weekend and the perfect storm

4 Sep

Ah the weekend was fun and very peaceful for the most part.  

 Saturday we had a bit of excitement in the form of a storm that poured sheets and even buckets of rain and here is a picture of our backyard.  


We went and saw a movie that was out earlier this summer and most people mainly critics really hated this particular movie but, me I have never listened to the critics and frankly usually like the movies the critics trash.  We went and saw the Lone Ranger and yes I liked it.  The reason why was because this movie had layers like an onion sorry had to put a Shrek reference.    Without giving the movie away the “wendingo” did die by silver maybe not the silver bullet but, silver nevertheless.  

Here is a picture from this morning of my cat Sin pronounced Shin. Yup if I only knew that she would fit in this I might have taken her with me on vacation lol.  


This was really cute and she just seemed so content or at least content enough to fall asleeep.  

 Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  

Yet once again the “stupid” are everywhere.  My husbands motorcycle was either hit or someone decided to sit on it and it got tipped over.  So fun.  My husband was really mad about it too . 


So along with him starting a new job and being unsure of whether he is doing the right thing and then with some idiot either hitting his motorcycle (it is parked on the street usually) or sitting on it and dropping it.  He has been one huge ball of stress.  Today he got rather mad at our daughter this morning so I had to step in and basically tell him that he has been a jerk and that he needed to apologize to our daughter.  Everything is good for now but, really hope he destresses somehow and chills out.  I know that he is under pressure.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.   Thanks.  


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