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Birthday and books

27 Sep

Today is my sweet bunny rabbits birthday and she turns 3 today.  She has been spoiled rotten with lots of fruit treats and getting some extra run time with just 4 walls around her.  My daughter and I have wished her a happy birthday.  


I have also gotten rid of about 13 books and am giving a friend first crack at them before I sell them.  The box they were in is now so much lighter with only a few notebooks and old tax returns.  Hopefully next move or whatever will be much smoother with less stuff to move.  I almost cant wait.  

I will also be probably posting on Craigslist my food dehydrator.  It really did seem like a good idea at the time to have especially since I was into a “raw” diet and a great way to preserve strawberries and other goodies from the farmers market.  Now that I have just decided that being Vegan  is a better fit for me and the fact that the food dehydrator is just collecting dust it is time for it to go.  

 All money made from my sells of things will go into the Vault with MC hammer singing “Cant touch this” and a large guard dog for our trip to Ireland.  I am getting so excited by this.  It has helped me to reevaluate my “needs” and other things that I might buy because now I look at it as how badly do I want to go to Ireland?  the answer is pretty badly.  So gonna do everything I can to make it happen by 2015 at the latest.  


Time to simplify

26 Sep

As some of you know we might or might not be moving.  So since I am not sure if that will or will not be happening and with the need to raise or just cut back on a lot of expenses.  I am now going to undertake my books mainly the books I have not looked at in 3 plus years of being where we are and since they have not been touched since that time for the most part except to put them on shelving units to make sense of all the stuff that we actually have.  I have decided to sell the lot to our local half price bookstore.  I will do my best weather permitting to get rid of a box of books every week until mostly gone.  This will help so much with our possible move, and my back after having to lift and separate the boxes.  

The other need is that my daughter is wanting her own space and room for the first time.  A sign that she is growing up (shedding a tear or 2 or more).  So we have got to in a way suck it up and get rid of the excess of what we no longer use or need anymore so this can happen.  

Just so you know we live in a 2 bedroom duplex/apartment with a bath and a half and no where to store the excess except for the second bedroom that is now my husbands office/junk room.  Gotta get this done sooner rather than later to prepare for the possible move and the fact that my daughter wants her own room and her own bed.  

Dream Redux

24 Sep

We have slightly modified our dream so now we are planning on heading first to Ireland mainly due to getting a cheap flight there from home.  We have about $2000 saved and have guesstimated that we need twice that amount for plane fares, lodging, food, bus fares to various places, and any thing else that we decide to buy.  Yes I am budgeting high but, we can always go lower.  So in order for this to happen I figure that I need to save $167 per month of course i can go more and cut the saving time down even more.  

 Has anyone been to Ireland?  Do you have a few must see places that we should go to or places to avoid?  

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak of all the places I would like to go and to take my daughter but, a good start nevertheless in our world travels.  


18 Sep

Well as you know from earlier this summer my 4 year old daughter had a blast visiting her Grandpa.  Now she wants to go and hopefully meet the newest Prince of England yup I opened my big mouth thinking that would appease her Disney fantasy and yes I do blame Disney along with her grandparents.  

So in order for this dream to come true and happen I need your help. In the form of travel blogs that you either know about or subscribe to just so I can hopefully get a few ideas on a budget for this endeavor along with places to see (at my personal top is Stone Henge) plus venture to Scotland.  I figure we are already there might as well go for it.  So if you could help and pass them on to me in the comments I would really appreciate it.  In the meantime I will be saving every penny etc that I can to help make this happen for my daughter.  Life is short and I might as well make her dream come true along with part of mine in seeing this area of the world as a start to our  travels.    

You might think that we are some how wimping out by going to English speaking countries first but, it is a start and from there who knows where we might decide to go next.  

Thanks for your help.   


17 Sep

Since I have a kindle and am not sure if you can get these books other ways via Nook or other E reader.  Sorry sort of tech savy sometimes not.   

These are my recommendations if you have a Kindle Dream Save Do an action Plan for Dreamers and Getting Rid of It both are by Warren and Betsy Talbot and if you want to follow their blog then please do so.  Getting Rid of it gives you a bit of a step by step guide to getting rid of your things along with how to sell your things to get extra cash.   

I have to admit I have only just started Dream Save Do but, so far I really love it.   

I normally do not recommend things to people unless I really like something and as you know I am not getting anything from folks for my recommendations.  

 This past weekend I have been a bit under the weather….lots of sneezing so much so that I am surprised that i have not sneezed a lung out.  I am really hoping I am not contracting my daughters ick that she had last week.  For some reason once you become a mom there is some rule or unspoken agreement that moms can not be sick and if you do well lets just say it better be serious.  I did my best to get rid of germs by doing lots of laundry and washing and promptly putting things out in the sun to dry and become even more germ free.  I hope it works.  

My daughter sneezed for about two days straight then ran a fever at its highest 100.9.  She was rather listless wanted to either sleep or watch a movie.  Little appetite and for her that is unusual.  She also had a headache before she started her sneezing fits and even during her two days of sneezing. Poor kiddo.  She is better now just a bit stuffed up still.  

A call for more kisses

12 Sep

Hello on this the 11th of September a day where most of us are mourning the events of 9/11 I choose to find and do something that is not based on a gloomy past on this day.  I am not saying to forget just that we need to keep on trying to find a way to bring peace to the world starting perhaps with Syria and other “hotspots” in the world.  


Here is the link enjoy 

Game Night

10 Sep











As a family and as a couple we have been trying to find ways to spend more time together doing something more fun and interactive.  We have recently tried Catan a very simple version.  This is great and rather short game that does not last for hours on end.  Very nice when you have a four year old who might decide that she would rather go off and play with a toy or what ever else suits her at the time.  



 We have recently tried Carcasssonne there are a few different versions and of course expansions with it.  I really like it from a creative stand because the “board” is constantly changing and is never the same twice this was a big selling point for me.  I also love games where you do not back stab the other players.  I would either rather work together or be selfish.  These are both great games and give us some quality time together.  These are a lot cheaper than buying a video game system and the games that go with it.  Plus we have something we can do if the power ever goes out besides watch TV, read or crafts.  


I have been teaching our daughter some card games that I learned as a child I only had trouble with “Go Fish”  in that I could not remember how many cards to deal out.  I got it figured out.  





What games do you like to play?  What do you like to do as a family or couple?  




I have a link I would like to share with folks to either read or not..