Shew Wee

29 Aug

Wow I just got finished with the monumental task of cleaning out a lot of old things from my in box and deleting them.  Sad to say there was a lot almost too much but, it is done and I feel so much better.   I have been meaning to do it for awhile now just have not gotten it done.  

i have a challenge for folks so if you are up for it continue to read otherwise stop now.  

My challenge is this:  pretend you are on vacation or if you work then pretend you are going to a work related conference etc.  The catch is that you have to pack all your things that you need for 1 week in a bag that you can get aboard an airplane.  This includes all your clothes, undies, shoes, jewelry, and toiletries that you will need.  AGAIN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY BE GOiNG ANYWHERE.   Just stay at home and live out of this bag/ backpack or carry on.  Just like at home you can use your alarm clock or phone to get you up in the mornings, sleep in your own bed, and use sheets, pillows, and cook food using your own utensils.  Plus if you have any pets PLEASE take care of them just like you normally would if you hired someone, had a neighbor or friend.  Please take care of any plants to be watered or taken care of.  The object is to just see what you can do without for one week.  I promise it is not as hard as it might seem.  Plus look on the bright side you wont have to worry about going into your closet to see or try and find what you want to wear because you already “packed” it.  If you have kids make it fun and an adventure for them as well.  It can be done.  Just see what you never missed or can do without for one week.  Remember just because you packed it or “forgot” something doesnt mean you can add more once you use it or wear it.  

Remember you can only 2 carry ons on board for ladies this is your roller bag and a purse or if you can cram your purse into a backpack then go for it.  For the men again backpack and roller bag.  

Have fun with it.  

Basically I only missed a few items of clothes and makeup and of course my fuzzy friends and hubby.  


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