Finally Photos

28 Aug

I have some great news…I finally paid off in full my Credit Card and sent the last payment off today!  WAHOO!  I have just 2 bills to pay and they are both student loans.  I am also much closer to paying at least one off and hope to have that happen by January I cant wait.  

Here are some of the photos I took while on vacation.


This one was of my daughter riding her first horse at the Childrens Zoo in Lincoln Nebraska.  As a vegan most people do not like zoos and no I am not a fan but, since there is probably little chance that most people can go on an African Safari or just see a huge variety of wildlife well this is somewhat the best way to do this and it is educational.  





This was the Guiness world book of records display of Lincoln Logs (for those of you who actually played, had a set, or even built something instead of playing on a Wii or whatever) .  This was at the Childrens Museum.  I did enjoy it but, felt it was a bit over commercialized by having various business have play stations for kids to make pizzas from whatever local pizza place etc.  


This was an ancestors second homestead.  It was really interesting seeing a different homestead not too unlike this one at another site it was small and had a loft but, what was even more interesting was the sparse furniture and the loft this one was maybe 100 sq. ft and I might even be generous in my estimate but, it had 14 people 12 of them children.  I was amazed.  


This was a picture of the Missouri River.  


This is a picture of the bridge crossing the Missouri River and the Welcome to Missouri and crossing the state line.  


The most incredible thing I read while on vacation was about a woman whose name I cant recall.  She was home alone and pregnant Native Americans attacked.  She was shot in the chest and in the arm.  While she tried to flee she was also scalped.  While bleeding she managed to make it to her next door neighbor who lived a few miles away. She survived all and managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy.  Talk about a will to survive not to mention impressive.   I was floored to read this and shocked that she even survived her injuries.  


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