Living out of a bag

27 Aug

Wow it was a blast being on vacation was great!  I absolutely loved not having to deal with a lot of baggage.   For a week trip we took just enough clothes and undies for us and there was very little both of us missed while we were gone.  I must confess that I did miss some of the clothes and makeup that I was unable to take with me and my daughter missed only one of her toys.   It was absolutely freeing.

Of course once we got back to all the “stuff” and clutter we still have to go well it was a bit of a shock.

The pictures will have to wait for another day and I do apologize for that but, the site is being rather stubborn on getting them downloaded so will have to try again tomorrow.

My daughter absolutely loved flying and missed her grandpa almost as soon as we got through security to head back home.  it was hard to say good bye to my dad/grandpa and we still miss him.  My daughter wants to go back for another visit and even wants to sleep on an airplane sometime.

Well as you can imagine she passed with flying colors.  I am very proud of her and she behaved so great and well while we were on vacation.  So now the sky is the limit.  Sorry for the bad pun. Now I feel more confident taking her to more exotic destinations.

This past weekend I got to see the newest/oldest Superman flick.  It was actually pretty good and I must say that this Superman is a lot hotter than Mr. Reeve no offense.  I still like the ones with him staring as Superman.

Take care and hope to post pictures yet once again


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