6 Aug

This past weekend my husband tortured me lol with the latest/oldest Star Trek movie.  Of course after the movie was over I did end up opening my big mouth and basically told my husband that I did not see the previous one.  Oops so now he wants me to see that one as well.  It was amusing but, I guess seeing the very first Star Trek it was hard to “see” the younger Kirk, Spock,  as they are currently.  Sigh ah well.  

Sunday I spent the day reading and am still not done with Laurell K. Hamilton’s latest novel.  So far there are no sex scenes thankfully.  Sometimes you just want the monsters without the sex or at least maybe a brief scene but, not constant.  So far I like it.  But, refuse to spoil it for anyone who has not read the book yet.  I checked it out from the library so have the next 14 days to finish or forget it. I especially need to finish it before I leave town.  No worries I have read over 200 pages in about a day and a half so will be finished with it hopefully by the end of this week.  It is a 500+ page book.  

I also made pesto and will probably not be able to make any more need to let the plant flower.  I have plenty of pesto for pasta or as pizza sauce hopefully to last until next year since i freeze it.  

My poor daughter still has the sniffles and I hope she is better by next week at the latest.  The allergy medicine has been helping.  Today she slept in very late which was fine with me.  

 I am still working on getting my house clean before we leave next Wednesday.  I know that I will enjoy being for the most part technology free or at least internet free.  I will still have my Kindle and my MP3 player and cell phone but, that will be all. 

What are you currently reading? 


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