Lets Make a Deal

3 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday my husband got a new job offer and will be doing more of what he really loves and wants to do so he decided to accept it.  It is not official yet, just because of the paperwork that has to be signed and filled out.  It looks more promising and I really hope that we have better health insurance than our last one.  D**n you Al******e!  Sorry had to let my true feelings out.  

My dad is still trying to find just the right booster seat for my daughter lol.  It makes me laugh.  I know that he is trying to find the best one that will at least do well in an accident should that happen but, really it should not be this hard for him. I know he has not had a toddler in his car in a very long time so I should cut him some slack but, it still cracks me up.   

It is glorious allergy season here so my daughter is really suffering and has a stuffed up nose and for me I have been sneezing my head off so, I feel like one of the seven dwarfs.  

My in laws have a rental house that they were hoping his younger sister would be buying along with her fiance but, unfortunately the relationship fell apart (at least they figured it out before the wedding) and she will be leaving for 3 years to get her masters degree and perhaps her Ph.D.  So now the house will be available once again.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath house basically a perfect starter home.  We would be in a smaller town (coming from one myself I sort of liked it and sometimes hated it) we would be closer to his parents but, further from the places we frequent where we live currently.  

The perks with this house is that it would be rent to own and being family we would be paying in rent $175 less than we do now but, if you add on the gas that we would have to use to get to said places we frequent where we are now.   Being further away from my mom might be a plus or minus depending upon how you want to look at it.   We can ask someone who has lived there what their average utility bills were and look around the place and see what all needs to be fixed. 

The draw backs to this would be being further from the places we frequent where we are now, being further from my husbands place of work, spend more $$ in gas.  The possible draw back of being too close to in laws aka might drive me nuts.  What happens if his sister wants the house back when she comes back from Grad school?   It has a basement that pretty much leaks no matter if it has been dry or raining.  There is a sump pump but, still not sure how I feel about it.    The other draw back is that there is only one closet for both bedrooms and is basically a shared one.  So that leaves the one in the entry way for a closet too but, would only want to use that one for coats etc.  

Plus our daughter is about to enter school (arrrgh and may the Gods smile on us) so I am not sure about where I want her to go to school here or there.  Do I want to home school her at least until she enters Middle or High School?   

 If you have any thoughts on what you would do please let me know.  I really need some help in making this decision.  


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