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Shew Wee

29 Aug

Wow I just got finished with the monumental task of cleaning out a lot of old things from my in box and deleting them.  Sad to say there was a lot almost too much but, it is done and I feel so much better.   I have been meaning to do it for awhile now just have not gotten it done.  

i have a challenge for folks so if you are up for it continue to read otherwise stop now.  

My challenge is this:  pretend you are on vacation or if you work then pretend you are going to a work related conference etc.  The catch is that you have to pack all your things that you need for 1 week in a bag that you can get aboard an airplane.  This includes all your clothes, undies, shoes, jewelry, and toiletries that you will need.  AGAIN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY BE GOiNG ANYWHERE.   Just stay at home and live out of this bag/ backpack or carry on.  Just like at home you can use your alarm clock or phone to get you up in the mornings, sleep in your own bed, and use sheets, pillows, and cook food using your own utensils.  Plus if you have any pets PLEASE take care of them just like you normally would if you hired someone, had a neighbor or friend.  Please take care of any plants to be watered or taken care of.  The object is to just see what you can do without for one week.  I promise it is not as hard as it might seem.  Plus look on the bright side you wont have to worry about going into your closet to see or try and find what you want to wear because you already “packed” it.  If you have kids make it fun and an adventure for them as well.  It can be done.  Just see what you never missed or can do without for one week.  Remember just because you packed it or “forgot” something doesnt mean you can add more once you use it or wear it.  

Remember you can only 2 carry ons on board for ladies this is your roller bag and a purse or if you can cram your purse into a backpack then go for it.  For the men again backpack and roller bag.  

Have fun with it.  

Basically I only missed a few items of clothes and makeup and of course my fuzzy friends and hubby.  

Finally Photos

28 Aug

I have some great news…I finally paid off in full my Credit Card and sent the last payment off today!  WAHOO!  I have just 2 bills to pay and they are both student loans.  I am also much closer to paying at least one off and hope to have that happen by January I cant wait.  

Here are some of the photos I took while on vacation.


This one was of my daughter riding her first horse at the Childrens Zoo in Lincoln Nebraska.  As a vegan most people do not like zoos and no I am not a fan but, since there is probably little chance that most people can go on an African Safari or just see a huge variety of wildlife well this is somewhat the best way to do this and it is educational.  





This was the Guiness world book of records display of Lincoln Logs (for those of you who actually played, had a set, or even built something instead of playing on a Wii or whatever) .  This was at the Childrens Museum.  I did enjoy it but, felt it was a bit over commercialized by having various business have play stations for kids to make pizzas from whatever local pizza place etc.  


This was an ancestors second homestead.  It was really interesting seeing a different homestead not too unlike this one at another site it was small and had a loft but, what was even more interesting was the sparse furniture and the loft this one was maybe 100 sq. ft and I might even be generous in my estimate but, it had 14 people 12 of them children.  I was amazed.  


This was a picture of the Missouri River.  


This is a picture of the bridge crossing the Missouri River and the Welcome to Missouri and crossing the state line.  


The most incredible thing I read while on vacation was about a woman whose name I cant recall.  She was home alone and pregnant Native Americans attacked.  She was shot in the chest and in the arm.  While she tried to flee she was also scalped.  While bleeding she managed to make it to her next door neighbor who lived a few miles away. She survived all and managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy.  Talk about a will to survive not to mention impressive.   I was floored to read this and shocked that she even survived her injuries.  

Living out of a bag

27 Aug

Wow it was a blast being on vacation was great!  I absolutely loved not having to deal with a lot of baggage.   For a week trip we took just enough clothes and undies for us and there was very little both of us missed while we were gone.  I must confess that I did miss some of the clothes and makeup that I was unable to take with me and my daughter missed only one of her toys.   It was absolutely freeing.

Of course once we got back to all the “stuff” and clutter we still have to go well it was a bit of a shock.

The pictures will have to wait for another day and I do apologize for that but, the site is being rather stubborn on getting them downloaded so will have to try again tomorrow.

My daughter absolutely loved flying and missed her grandpa almost as soon as we got through security to head back home.  it was hard to say good bye to my dad/grandpa and we still miss him.  My daughter wants to go back for another visit and even wants to sleep on an airplane sometime.

Well as you can imagine she passed with flying colors.  I am very proud of her and she behaved so great and well while we were on vacation.  So now the sky is the limit.  Sorry for the bad pun. Now I feel more confident taking her to more exotic destinations.

This past weekend I got to see the newest/oldest Superman flick.  It was actually pretty good and I must say that this Superman is a lot hotter than Mr. Reeve no offense.  I still like the ones with him staring as Superman.

Take care and hope to post pictures yet once again

We are almost off

14 Aug


Hello folks we are almost off.  This is what we did

I figure that this way there will be no mistake on where my daughter is or where I am in case we get separated somehow.  Plus I love messing with the profilers at the airport too.  

See you next week sometime after we get back where I will post more pictures and tell of our adventures.  Take care.  


Beautiful start

13 Aug

Monday I had a beautiful start to the day. We of course have been having again a lot of rain during the weekend so this is what I walked outside to while taking care of cat business 




Sorry about the pictures being a bit weird was trying to get both ends and the middle and  not having much luck with my phone being a camera.  

Of course yesterday I had massive melt down because i have not been sleeping well and/or getting enough sleep and could not take it anymore.  So last night i actually took a herbal sleeping pill it has valerian root, and a few other things to help you sleep.  I am still feeling tired but, plan on taking another one tonight and after 2 nights in a row I should be doing great.  

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping?  If so what do you do to help you sleep?  

I did an oops

8 Aug

A few weeks ago and with little sleep granted it is not a great excuse but, it is what it is.  I saw for lack of a better word an infomercial for a product well I am almost ashamed to admit it but, I decided to whip out my credit card and go for it.  Over $100 later I am now the proud owner of some exercise DvDs and some small weights well since I called them and asked them to just give me the basic listed above they went ahead and sent all the extras.  I was mad to say the least so I will be getting back the $100 plus.  Whew!  I will not be doing that again anytime soon.  No one is perfect.  Plus if I really want it I can get it from Amazon for cheaper so there without all the extras I accidently signed up for since I was also distracted by a 4 year old who Refuses to keep quite while I am on the phone.    I was hooked because I really want to have a flatter tummy than I have now and just in general lose some weight so I will work on it another way by taking more walks, still keep up with doing my yoga and maybe eating less especially at dinner time.  I do not feel very over weight but, lets just say I like food perhaps a bit too much. 

Got some great news yesterday (sarcasm dripping).  It seems that just when we start to get a few things fixed our “new repair” person miraculously disappears.  It is so frustrating and annoying because I really want our very top step that we use to get into our place fixed before someone falls through it or worse.  It is currently rotting and needs to be replaced ASAP.  I for one am getting fed up with it and it is making me Really want to rent to own the house and move.  

I did talk to my husbands sister and she basically gave me the low down on the house that she is currently still renting.  We decided that we would try and see the house after our vacation so will call to set that up.  

I got a $100 gift card from my Rewards card so that will be here in 2-3 weeks wahoooooo!  

That is all the latest news for now.  Have a great day!

More info.

7 Aug

I finally got more info regarding our possible rent to own house.  At least for January/February the utility bill was $300 for both months.  Part of it was the fact that some of the windows needed to be replaced and have holes in them.  The other part is that the fire place leaked air as well.  

 The writing bug has gotten hold of me I am composing a story in my head not sure if I should try and have it published or if it just sounds too familiar to folks who like the same genre that I do.  Plus if I do decide to have it published should I do ebook or print or both.   

So folks what are your thoughts?  Should I go for it and actually start to write it down and compose it?  Then see about editing and maybe getting it published.  I have never done either before so would love some advise and input.  

 We have a week now before I get to take a break from the online world.  I cant wait and am getting very excited.  


6 Aug

This past weekend my husband tortured me lol with the latest/oldest Star Trek movie.  Of course after the movie was over I did end up opening my big mouth and basically told my husband that I did not see the previous one.  Oops so now he wants me to see that one as well.  It was amusing but, I guess seeing the very first Star Trek it was hard to “see” the younger Kirk, Spock,  as they are currently.  Sigh ah well.  

Sunday I spent the day reading and am still not done with Laurell K. Hamilton’s latest novel.  So far there are no sex scenes thankfully.  Sometimes you just want the monsters without the sex or at least maybe a brief scene but, not constant.  So far I like it.  But, refuse to spoil it for anyone who has not read the book yet.  I checked it out from the library so have the next 14 days to finish or forget it. I especially need to finish it before I leave town.  No worries I have read over 200 pages in about a day and a half so will be finished with it hopefully by the end of this week.  It is a 500+ page book.  

I also made pesto and will probably not be able to make any more need to let the plant flower.  I have plenty of pesto for pasta or as pizza sauce hopefully to last until next year since i freeze it.  

My poor daughter still has the sniffles and I hope she is better by next week at the latest.  The allergy medicine has been helping.  Today she slept in very late which was fine with me.  

 I am still working on getting my house clean before we leave next Wednesday.  I know that I will enjoy being for the most part technology free or at least internet free.  I will still have my Kindle and my MP3 player and cell phone but, that will be all. 

What are you currently reading? 

Lets Make a Deal

3 Aug

As I mentioned yesterday my husband got a new job offer and will be doing more of what he really loves and wants to do so he decided to accept it.  It is not official yet, just because of the paperwork that has to be signed and filled out.  It looks more promising and I really hope that we have better health insurance than our last one.  D**n you Al******e!  Sorry had to let my true feelings out.  

My dad is still trying to find just the right booster seat for my daughter lol.  It makes me laugh.  I know that he is trying to find the best one that will at least do well in an accident should that happen but, really it should not be this hard for him. I know he has not had a toddler in his car in a very long time so I should cut him some slack but, it still cracks me up.   

It is glorious allergy season here so my daughter is really suffering and has a stuffed up nose and for me I have been sneezing my head off so, I feel like one of the seven dwarfs.  

My in laws have a rental house that they were hoping his younger sister would be buying along with her fiance but, unfortunately the relationship fell apart (at least they figured it out before the wedding) and she will be leaving for 3 years to get her masters degree and perhaps her Ph.D.  So now the house will be available once again.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath house basically a perfect starter home.  We would be in a smaller town (coming from one myself I sort of liked it and sometimes hated it) we would be closer to his parents but, further from the places we frequent where we live currently.  

The perks with this house is that it would be rent to own and being family we would be paying in rent $175 less than we do now but, if you add on the gas that we would have to use to get to said places we frequent where we are now.   Being further away from my mom might be a plus or minus depending upon how you want to look at it.   We can ask someone who has lived there what their average utility bills were and look around the place and see what all needs to be fixed. 

The draw backs to this would be being further from the places we frequent where we are now, being further from my husbands place of work, spend more $$ in gas.  The possible draw back of being too close to in laws aka might drive me nuts.  What happens if his sister wants the house back when she comes back from Grad school?   It has a basement that pretty much leaks no matter if it has been dry or raining.  There is a sump pump but, still not sure how I feel about it.    The other draw back is that there is only one closet for both bedrooms and is basically a shared one.  So that leaves the one in the entry way for a closet too but, would only want to use that one for coats etc.  

Plus our daughter is about to enter school (arrrgh and may the Gods smile on us) so I am not sure about where I want her to go to school here or there.  Do I want to home school her at least until she enters Middle or High School?   

 If you have any thoughts on what you would do please let me know.  I really need some help in making this decision.  

Bunny fluff and other goodness

2 Aug

Lately my sweet bunny rabbit Noel has been shedding a lot not sure what is going on so if anyone knows what might be happening and if it requires a vet visit please let me know.  She has been shedding enough to almost make my own duplicate copy of her in miniature form it has been crazy.  

 We have finally gotten a few repairs done most of it a year later than I would have liked but, at least for now (unless I fall down the stairs again) the hole in the wall is getting fixed.  Sometimes I really hate renting especially when you have a landlord who does not take care of things.  

 My husband has a job offer we will see what comes of that soon.