Not my best decision made

30 Jul

Sometimes I am just full of these kinds of swift decisions.  

Let me back up and explain myself.  Yesterday I was watching the Concacaf game it was  the US vs. Panama and a he** of a good game. I love soccer.  We won 1-0 against Panama and got the gold cup.  I was thrilled!  The only down side was that I was suffering from a sinus headache that was trying to go behind my eye.  Now for me no good soccer game is complete with out lots of cheering, yelling, and of course a few or at least a nice cold beer to round it out.  I drank two and realized that was not the best move with the headache and all.  I had laid down before the game started in the hopes it would go away no luck.  I had an extra cup of coffee (sometimes caffeine helps), I had a Tylenol (cant take IB) and it still would not shake loose.  I took a hot shower hoping the steam would help no if anything by the time I was almost ready for bed it personally felt like someone was taking an ice pick and either trying to jam it in my head or pick away at my temple area.  Not the funnest moment and yes in hind sight I probably should not have drunk any beers ah well.  I am better today without the feelings described above thankfully.  


What have I learned  the hard way is not to drink any beers while having a sinus headache.  

On the plus side I did get to watch a he** of a good soccer game and enjoyed it despite the pain.  

Now on my wish list is to attend a soccer game in person whether it is Concacaf (we looked it up for this last game and a very doable drive to Chicago the tickets were $200+ Ouch, not so doable) or the World Cup which is will be in Barcelona Spain in 2014 (road trip ok a bit more than that but, who’s with me?) would be so awesome.  I am not sure how much tickets to attend a game or the whole package would be.  


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