The Storm

25 Jul

Last night we were under a severe T-storm watch until 10 pm our time.  We went out with friends for dinner and decided to make a stop for ice cream or in my case an ice of whatever flavor they have which is usually only one for desert.  As we were leaving we saw lightening and then had a bit of rain.   The storm hit past our severe 10 pm warning/watch was up.  

Once we got home and I got settled into getting ready for bed and winding down by reading our daughter a bed time story was when the real fire works started.  My daughter managed to fall asleep and did not wake up for any of it.  I really wish I was that lucky.  

It poured and of course our back yard and neighbors looked like a partial swamp, we had lots of lightening and very close thunder (this was the part that scared me) and then eventually it stopped sort of all of a sudden so then my husband goes outside carefully to see if there is any rotation in the clouds.  Thankfully there was not any.  

 I am not a big fan of close thunder after being in an airplane heading home after a summer visit with my grandmother the plane we were in got struck by lightening since we were trying to fly over/into a tornado.  Trust me not the best experience and we did have to turn around and head back.  I was very thankful to be out of the plane and very reluctant to get back into it again to head home.  

My mom has a vest or shirt that she puts on her dog to help her try and stay calm during a storm (I would have loved one for myself not sure if it would have helped but, I would have tried it). 

So today I have been a slightly awake walking zombie.  No calls for brains just lots of caffeine.  After taking my daughter to the park we made a stop at Star Bucks for a frappe with an extra shot of espresso.  So now I am still a bit tired but, not as bad as this morning.  


While at the park there is a tire swing that several kids can get on and go crazy. Well a father was swinging his daughter who got scared and started crying.  He stopped the swing and got her off but, did not really offer any real comfort and neither did the mom.  So I was really torn and wanted to give her a hug at the very least but, thought this might be inappropriate.  I did ask my daughter to try and make friends with her but, her mom finally got her to swing on a regular swing.  

What would you do in a situation like this?   Would you do nothing?  Talk to the parents? Ask your child to try and make friends with her?  Or Offer comfort?  


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