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23 Jul

Just want to share a link with a blog that I read fairly often.http://simplemarriage.net/lifes-tough-enough-stop-comparing-yourself-to-others/.  I really like some of the points on not comparing ourselves to others.  Especially true for us women who look at that model on whatever magazine and want to look or be just like her.  I really hope this helps you to break this habit or even to stop.  We are all unique and special in our own ways and do not need X or to look like Y or even be as successful as Z.  

 My husband went for an interview last week for a company and he told me what his response was to being asked the question “What is your greatest accomplishment?” He said our daughter and actually thinking about it I would have to agree.  For me she is my greatest accomplishment.  She is my greatest love, my sometimes greatest source of frustration, and my greatest joy.  She is to me smart, beautiful, funny, and stubborn.  Yup you could say she is just like me lol.  If I were asked the same question in an interview I would have to say the same thing.  

What about you?  What is your greatest accomplishment?  It could be your child(ren), climbing the Andes or whatever.   


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