Photos for your enjoyment

20 Jul


Here is a photo of a very interesting cloud that is really neat and funky looking (although this shape makes me nervous guess it is a hang up from where I used to live)Image

This next one is of my cat using her favorite toy for something interesting.  


The last one how I spent a morning it is a very light pink and what I did to my 4 year olds hair.  She really wanted her hair to be pink so it is courtesy of Manic Panic Cotton Candy shade.  I figure that either folks will either be ok with it or they will hate it.  I have no real opinion since I am not sure if our lovely school system allows kids to color their hair (except for maybe play productions).  So I guess she can have fun with having her hair colored for now and we will see what happens once she gets into school.  


Have a great weekend. 


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