The big production

18 Jul

My dad is going a bit crazy and I know that he is excited to see his granddaughter and is doing everything he can to ensure that we will be comfortable.  

My dad called me yesterday wanting measurements for his granddaughter my daughter so that way when he gets a car seat it can be all set up.   Which she will need in order to be in his car and in my humble opinion is about the only thing he really needs to get.  I am ok with providing him with the requested measurements.   Granted we will need various food stuffs and a few entrys into some museums.  Other than that not much else is planned. 

He is just cracking me up and making me smile.  I told him that my daughter and I are used to sleeping on the floor and we can just use his couch cushions to sleep on.  We sleep on a traditional Japanese futon and frankly if I were to honestly go back to American style beds not sure what I would do with myself and honestly might find it uncomfortable I know strange to even think that.  So my dad has decided to go out and buy an air mattress which is fine we will still be on the floor it just might be a bit puffier than we are used to.  I just was not wanting my dad to go through a lot of expense before we stay with him and a big production.  

I knew that I would have to get a few things like my backpack just because I honestly have not been through airport security (and honestly a bit nervous about it) since before things changed a lot when it comes to flying.  I just hope my daughter will not be difficult and just takes it in stride.  

Yesterday I helped my mom finish at least for now get rid of a lot of clutter in her kitchen.  That was not such a job as her basement.  Unfortunately she was going to donate a lot of items to a church and was under the impression that they would come by to pick them up. Unfortunately she was told that they would not come by and that she would have to bring things to them.  This is not possible because we would at the very least need a pick up truck so my mom had to call someone and pay them to take things away for her.  Ah well, something along the lines of no good deed goes unpunished.  It is such a relief to at least have most of my moms things done.  She still might take up about half to 2/3rds of a big moving truck but this is down from her taking the whole thing her last move.  She is making progress and I am a bit proud of her for doing this.  I just hope that with all the now empty space that she decides not to accumulate more.  



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