Summer has arrived

16 Jul

I know what the calendar says that it is supposed to be here June 21 but, for me it has officially arrived because the heat is on.  Cue the music lol.  We have been hot ok maybe not as hot as say places on the West coast have been.  We have been in the 90s and lows in the 70s.  

 Lately, I have been having a bit of a last hurrah with my credit card before I decide not to use the new card.  Perhaps this is bad but, I did get my tickets for my vacation and all those wonderful miles on it.  I also got a few things that I perhaps did not need but, are just nice to have like the piggy paint nail polish which is great for kids and adults who want a bit of pazzaz to their nails check out all the colors at it is non toxic and no nasty chemicals a huge plus.  The stuff is not cheap about $8-9 for a bottle but, to me it is worth the effort.  I did get my versalette but, I see this as a great way to save money.  I also got my very much needed backpack for our trip along with a  few other odds and ends so we can go and have our stuff stay safe.  

 What do you think?  Do you think I am “being a minimalist” or a consumer?  

If it helps you to decide I think I am both I got some things we needed and a few things we did not need but, again I have been getting rid of a lot of things lately so I can appreciate the things I have more.  I have not been buying books as much (a huge weakness for me) nor have I been downloading even free books very much on my kindle ok maybe a few but, those are more for my daughter to enjoy and for me to read to her while we are on vacation.      


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