Best new product

11 Jul

This post is more for the ladies than the guys.  Sorry but it is true unless you really want to impress a certain someone or need a gift.  

It is called the versalette and you can find it here  

You may wonder why I recently spent money for something like this but, I gotta say it is the best amount I have spent in awhile on clothes.  This is a bag, shirt, vest, skirt, dress etc all in one great piece of cloth.  Plus this has great options, and it is made from scrap cloth that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. 

For me clothing options include pairing a top with jeans, dress slacks, skirt, shorts, capri pants then I am doing great.  With this I am doing excellent.    Plus this has pockets!  I love things with pockets because I always need some place to put a tissue, cell phone etc 

As you can imagine this will be coming with me on my trip I will probably wear it as a shirt but, on the off chance I need a skirt well it will become my skirt or dress for this trip.  

I just want to say that I do not get anything by telling you about this product.  I just think it is awesome enough to share with folks.  

Just check out the site and watch the video on all the things you can do with this. It is so cool and awesome. 


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