6 Jul

We have had so much rain that I really wish I could send it back west across the Mississippi River.  The yard is flooded and the ground is so saturated that it cannot hold any more water. I almost feel like I live in the Rainforest and am wondering where the ferns, banana trees and other flora and fauna are.  It is so crazy.  We have even had our “resident” chipmunk stop off at the bird feeder for a few bites.  I really feel sorry for the poor thing because I imagine its home is flooded.    I would be happy if it rained every other day or even stopped for a few days to return for a day or so.  Not a solid plus week of rain it has gotten crazy.  Every time I go into our backyard to take trash or recycles out I no longer step on the grass I squish the grass lol.  

Today has not been a fun day with my daughter but, I think I handled it for the most part as well as I could.  Yes I yelled and am not perfect but, that is all I did.  We apologized to each other and that is the most important thing we could do.  

I am slowly packing for our trip.  We have our lunches, travel toothpaste, a few pull ups, and my essential vegan a go go book packed so far the rest will come as we get closer to when we leave.  

 My husband has agreed to take care of Noel our sweet bunny and cats.  The cats are the easier but, Noel requires a bit more work.  I am just glad that I do not have to hire someone to come in to take care of our animals.  We get to save $$ and have more for our trip to spend.  

Does anyone have any recommendations for spending $$ for my 4 year old daughter?  A certain amount to give to her?  Or Would you even do this and just pay for whatever she wants/needs?   Please let me know in the comments Thank you.


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