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Not my best decision made

30 Jul

Sometimes I am just full of these kinds of swift decisions.  

Let me back up and explain myself.  Yesterday I was watching the Concacaf game it was  the US vs. Panama and a he** of a good game. I love soccer.  We won 1-0 against Panama and got the gold cup.  I was thrilled!  The only down side was that I was suffering from a sinus headache that was trying to go behind my eye.  Now for me no good soccer game is complete with out lots of cheering, yelling, and of course a few or at least a nice cold beer to round it out.  I drank two and realized that was not the best move with the headache and all.  I had laid down before the game started in the hopes it would go away no luck.  I had an extra cup of coffee (sometimes caffeine helps), I had a Tylenol (cant take IB) and it still would not shake loose.  I took a hot shower hoping the steam would help no if anything by the time I was almost ready for bed it personally felt like someone was taking an ice pick and either trying to jam it in my head or pick away at my temple area.  Not the funnest moment and yes in hind sight I probably should not have drunk any beers ah well.  I am better today without the feelings described above thankfully.  


What have I learned  the hard way is not to drink any beers while having a sinus headache.  

On the plus side I did get to watch a he** of a good soccer game and enjoyed it despite the pain.  

Now on my wish list is to attend a soccer game in person whether it is Concacaf (we looked it up for this last game and a very doable drive to Chicago the tickets were $200+ Ouch, not so doable) or the World Cup which is will be in Barcelona Spain in 2014 (road trip ok a bit more than that but, who’s with me?) would be so awesome.  I am not sure how much tickets to attend a game or the whole package would be.  



25 Jul



Sorry forgot to include this link that reminds us to be present in our interactions with others.

Whether you are married, single, in a relationship or even have friends please read this link.  It is a great reminder to unplug and actually pay attention and listen really listen to those trying to actually talk to us not text, email, or whatever.  



The Storm

25 Jul

Last night we were under a severe T-storm watch until 10 pm our time.  We went out with friends for dinner and decided to make a stop for ice cream or in my case an ice of whatever flavor they have which is usually only one for desert.  As we were leaving we saw lightening and then had a bit of rain.   The storm hit past our severe 10 pm warning/watch was up.  

Once we got home and I got settled into getting ready for bed and winding down by reading our daughter a bed time story was when the real fire works started.  My daughter managed to fall asleep and did not wake up for any of it.  I really wish I was that lucky.  

It poured and of course our back yard and neighbors looked like a partial swamp, we had lots of lightening and very close thunder (this was the part that scared me) and then eventually it stopped sort of all of a sudden so then my husband goes outside carefully to see if there is any rotation in the clouds.  Thankfully there was not any.  

 I am not a big fan of close thunder after being in an airplane heading home after a summer visit with my grandmother the plane we were in got struck by lightening since we were trying to fly over/into a tornado.  Trust me not the best experience and we did have to turn around and head back.  I was very thankful to be out of the plane and very reluctant to get back into it again to head home.  

My mom has a vest or shirt that she puts on her dog to help her try and stay calm during a storm (I would have loved one for myself not sure if it would have helped but, I would have tried it). 

So today I have been a slightly awake walking zombie.  No calls for brains just lots of caffeine.  After taking my daughter to the park we made a stop at Star Bucks for a frappe with an extra shot of espresso.  So now I am still a bit tired but, not as bad as this morning.  


While at the park there is a tire swing that several kids can get on and go crazy. Well a father was swinging his daughter who got scared and started crying.  He stopped the swing and got her off but, did not really offer any real comfort and neither did the mom.  So I was really torn and wanted to give her a hug at the very least but, thought this might be inappropriate.  I did ask my daughter to try and make friends with her but, her mom finally got her to swing on a regular swing.  

What would you do in a situation like this?   Would you do nothing?  Talk to the parents? Ask your child to try and make friends with her?  Or Offer comfort?  

Getting it lined up

24 Jul

Still getting things slowly lined up for our trip.  Today we purchased some snacks for my daughter in the form of Annie’s gummy bunnies.  Things are slowly coming together and I am getting more excited about our upcoming trip. I can’t wait for our adventure to begin it will be fun.  

 Today we went grocery shopping and spent less than $80 for a weeks worth of food for both ourselves, our two cats and one rabbit.  I will probably be spending an additional $20+ at the farmers market in the way of veggies and fruits.  

Do you have a farmers market where you live?  Do you go to it?  How much do you spend? 

A link

23 Jul

Just want to share a link with a blog that I read fairly often.  I really like some of the points on not comparing ourselves to others.  Especially true for us women who look at that model on whatever magazine and want to look or be just like her.  I really hope this helps you to break this habit or even to stop.  We are all unique and special in our own ways and do not need X or to look like Y or even be as successful as Z.  

 My husband went for an interview last week for a company and he told me what his response was to being asked the question “What is your greatest accomplishment?” He said our daughter and actually thinking about it I would have to agree.  For me she is my greatest accomplishment.  She is my greatest love, my sometimes greatest source of frustration, and my greatest joy.  She is to me smart, beautiful, funny, and stubborn.  Yup you could say she is just like me lol.  If I were asked the same question in an interview I would have to say the same thing.  

What about you?  What is your greatest accomplishment?  It could be your child(ren), climbing the Andes or whatever.   

Photos for your enjoyment

20 Jul


Here is a photo of a very interesting cloud that is really neat and funky looking (although this shape makes me nervous guess it is a hang up from where I used to live)Image

This next one is of my cat using her favorite toy for something interesting.  


The last one how I spent a morning it is a very light pink and what I did to my 4 year olds hair.  She really wanted her hair to be pink so it is courtesy of Manic Panic Cotton Candy shade.  I figure that either folks will either be ok with it or they will hate it.  I have no real opinion since I am not sure if our lovely school system allows kids to color their hair (except for maybe play productions).  So I guess she can have fun with having her hair colored for now and we will see what happens once she gets into school.  


Have a great weekend. 

The big production

18 Jul

My dad is going a bit crazy and I know that he is excited to see his granddaughter and is doing everything he can to ensure that we will be comfortable.  

My dad called me yesterday wanting measurements for his granddaughter my daughter so that way when he gets a car seat it can be all set up.   Which she will need in order to be in his car and in my humble opinion is about the only thing he really needs to get.  I am ok with providing him with the requested measurements.   Granted we will need various food stuffs and a few entrys into some museums.  Other than that not much else is planned. 

He is just cracking me up and making me smile.  I told him that my daughter and I are used to sleeping on the floor and we can just use his couch cushions to sleep on.  We sleep on a traditional Japanese futon and frankly if I were to honestly go back to American style beds not sure what I would do with myself and honestly might find it uncomfortable I know strange to even think that.  So my dad has decided to go out and buy an air mattress which is fine we will still be on the floor it just might be a bit puffier than we are used to.  I just was not wanting my dad to go through a lot of expense before we stay with him and a big production.  

I knew that I would have to get a few things like my backpack just because I honestly have not been through airport security (and honestly a bit nervous about it) since before things changed a lot when it comes to flying.  I just hope my daughter will not be difficult and just takes it in stride.  

Yesterday I helped my mom finish at least for now get rid of a lot of clutter in her kitchen.  That was not such a job as her basement.  Unfortunately she was going to donate a lot of items to a church and was under the impression that they would come by to pick them up. Unfortunately she was told that they would not come by and that she would have to bring things to them.  This is not possible because we would at the very least need a pick up truck so my mom had to call someone and pay them to take things away for her.  Ah well, something along the lines of no good deed goes unpunished.  It is such a relief to at least have most of my moms things done.  She still might take up about half to 2/3rds of a big moving truck but this is down from her taking the whole thing her last move.  She is making progress and I am a bit proud of her for doing this.  I just hope that with all the now empty space that she decides not to accumulate more.