Getting closer

28 Jun

Well for some reason I managed to find for free an ebook on how to travel with babies and toddlers.  I feel very blessed so it has for the most part all of my questions answered.  So if you are planning on traveling this summer with a baby or babies and toddler(s) and if you dont have a kindle then please find a copy of this book it will save you a lot of hassle on what to pack, what to bring, snacks, etc.  Plus this book is by a mom who has been there and done all of the above plus she even has some recommendations and stories from other moms.  

I was wondering what kind of documentation I would need for my 4 year old and now that I got this book I know what I need now.  

I ordered a Pacsafe travel backpack for almost all of our stuff.  It has a waist and chest belt to help distribute the weight better than just leaving it on your shoulders.  Hopefully I wont be needing this too much.  Plus it has great security and padded back and shoulder straps. I did pay a bit more than $150 for it but, to me the safety features far out way the bit extra I paid. I will let you all know how it did and if I feel it was worth it for this trip.  I got it since I do not have “luggage” anymore.  I got rid of all of my old sets since I did not want to deal with the hassle of checking luggage and the extra expense. So the backpack is it.   I also ordered a very small Pacsafe purse for my daughter since most of the little girl purses she has are put over the shoulder or just carry this one she can put over the opposite shoulder and not worry about losing it along with whatever stuff she puts in it.  She of course got pink but, this bag you can also put around your waist if you want to for easier carry.  Warning this bag is very small almost clutch type for ladies but, if you dont want or need to carry a lot then go for it.  

 Things for this trip are starting to fall into place and I am looking forward to an actual vacation.  I have not had one of those in 10+ years at least.  

 This week we finally finished with my moms basement and I have to say it looks so much better it has been transformed.  There is so much less stuff and less hassle so on the off chance that her basement floods it will not be such a big deal.  I am very glad this is done now that the heat of the summer is now upon us.  I know my moms house is air conditioned and the basement is cool but, it is all the up and down the stairs carting things to both cars and loading both cars and then driving to the nearest Goodwill all at least for me without air conditioning in my car.  

We have had a lot of rain again this week.  Plus I noticed that unfortunately for Nevada and Arizona that they have been under an extreme heat advisory.  Just remember to do most of your activities if possible in the very early morning to very late evening.  Also shade and water are your best friends.  Heat stroke or exhaustion is not fun so stay safe if you live in these areas and I really hope you all get a break soon.  

My daughter has been more than difficult this week but, I have been trying to get through it. Monday I had to call in the calvary I was extremely mad so I called friends or texted them and even called my husband who had his mom stop by to give me a bit of a break so I could calm down.  Sometimes it takes me a bit to calm down.  Then Wednesday she was upset because she lost her gameboy for 24hrs.  because she would not put it up in the correct place it needs to go Tuesday night.  So Wednesday she threw an absolute tantrum and then hit me.  I was rather mad about that as well but, managed to keep my cool better than I did Monday.  Wow raising a 4 year old is tough and I am so not perfect or feel that I am doing everything “right” but, I am doing the best that I can.  


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