Needing a bit of help

19 Jun

I need a bit of help as to what I can and can not take on an airplane.  Yes I have googled and checked out some sites that let you know what you can or cant take on.  What I want to know are the following in no particular order with out having to check my bag which will be a backpack:  can I take nail clippers and a small manicure kit?,  can I take an umbrella?,  can I bring any liquids such as shampoo, soap, facial creams, etc?,  can I bring a stainless steal water bottle on the plane?, and   Can I take my keys to my car and home?

Yes I know a lot of questions that need answers but, truth be told I have not flown on an airplane since before 9/11 and I know that some of the restricts have been lifted and then they go back and forth and the US is still paranoid about terrorist threats.    

This is my help that I need and I thank folks that take time out of their lives to answer my questions.  I appreciate it.  


On a side note I have tried the strawberry spring rolls and they were yummy.  Plus for my birthday I modified the recipe from 1000 Vegan Recipes for the Tiramisu and that was great as well.  So if you want to know how I modified the Tiramisu or get the recipe for the strawberry spring rolls just let me know in the comments and I will pass the information on.  


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