Birthday, weekend and Fathers Day

18 Jun

Well for starters a friend of mine was the very first person to wish me a Happy Birthday via text.  It was great and sad considering my husband did not even wish me a Happy Birthday the whole day.  Ah well.  Men.   Sorry.  

My mom did take me and my daughter out to lunch so that was great.  Then later that evening my husband took us all out to dinner and again that was very yummy.  I had Indian food for lunch and then Thai food for dinner.  Wahooo I love ethnic food and the vegan options you can find along with the yummy food and spiciness if you want.   

My dad called me while my husband and I were at half price books.  I found one book which was my gift from my husband but, hey not too much in the clutter accumulation and I can always sell it back and make some $$ if I want to.  

My mom got a gift card for a massage for me for a present so great!  I love “experience gifts” no clutter need apply.   I used it on Saturday so that way I could make sure my daughter was being taken care of and I could go relax for an hour.

Sunday was Fathers Day so I gave my husband a book that he had been wanting and a card.  I also called my dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  Plus I texted my friends who are fathers as well.  

I took my husband out to dinner to celebrate.  Whew we have eaten out a lot lately. Not that, that is a bad thing but, I will be glad to have a home cooked meal…wow did I actually type that?  Looks like it lol.     

I always seem to forget how close Fathers Day is to my birthday it is crazy.  

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all you dads out there.  Hope you had a good day! 

Plus I ordered a backpack for my possible upcoming trip from Amazon.  Now correct me if I am wrong I placed the order Friday and since it is a “Prime” item free shipping and expedited aka fast well it says in my email that I will be getting it in two days by June 26…color me confused because I figured it would be here by the 19th.  Must be back ordered or something.  The reason I ordered a backpack is two fold.  First I do not want to check my bags and incur the extra fee for checked luggage and the second thing is that I have absolutely nothing for traveling.  I got rid of my old school luggage earlier when I was decluttering my moms basement of my stuff.  


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