13 Jun

Ok well I just lost everything I had typed for this post GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR very frustrating.  

As for this weekend I got a bit of bad news.   I found out from a friend that an area where we both grew up is now on fire in New Mexico still hasnt hit the news so probably wont happen until Los Alamos is threatened.  I also heard from a different friend who lives in Albuquerque that they are under a severe drought.  They normally get 8 in a year and have only had half in 3 years .   New Mexico is normally dry but not this dry.  

I have been helping my mom declutter her basement and we are almost done WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!  Of course then we will move into the interior of the house.  I have been slowly getting rid of my stuff as well so when ever we load up both cars full of stuff I normally get rid of one thing.  It has helped but, not nearly enough we have had a lot of rain and normally it decides to rain on Thursdays the only day my mom will take my daughter for any length of time to allow me to go do whatever.  It has been frustrating. 

For my birthday I had mentioned to my dad that since he had a rather long recoup time from his last trip from Nebraska to where I live that maybe his granddaughter and I could come out to visit him…well he sent me a check to pay for airplane tickets for us.  What a great dad so sweet and nice.  Yeah possible kiss ass alert.   

I am turning a year older on Friday and I do not feel that I am as old as I will be turning.  Guess age is a state of mind or maybe it is true you are only as old as you feel.   

I slept really badly last night so hope to get to bed and SLEEP for a change.  

Also this past weekend I am not sure if the baby robins got kicked out of the nest at some point (they were about half the size of their adult counterparts) but, I have not seen them.  Do you think I should put a for rent sign in the nest?  Just kidding.  

Take care and Happy Birthday to me.  


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