Hoppin Mad

7 Jun

Thursday I woke up hoppin mad at myself for well basically apologizing too much.  I get into this pattern with certain people mainly my mom and my husband where I apologize for every little thing.  I honestly feel that I would apologize for breathing. 

So today I have vowed to only apologize for not every minor seeming infraction but, only for the major things.  

I had this problem with my mom but, then again after finding out what I did a few years ago it makes sense.  On some level I knew she had a problem with me and did not know really what it was now that I do….I guess a part of me no longer cares if I apologize for most things 

In the case of my husband he is overworked, under stress, and just feels the need to take it out on me I guess or maybe that is just how I see it.  So at least for now I will cease to apologize for every little thing like not turning the AC to full and at it coldest setting so it can be turned off instead of run all day or whatever else that I am not “perfect” at and do not do correctly in his eyes.  


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