Some sad news

6 Jun

Tuesday I went over to my moms to help her declutter her basement.  Wow now I understand why dad told me that when she moved that she used the whole huge moving truck.  She has a lot of stuff!  We got rid of most things along one wall area that she had crammed packed with a lot of things she has never used or even seen in a long time.  It was a lot of work going up and down the stairs and loading up 2 cars of stuff to take to Goodwill. Plus my mom let me know that for my birthday that is coming up really soon wow how time flies.  She has gotten me an hour long massage! Wahoo I am so excited and thrilled at receiving one whenever I want it.  I just have to let her know so she can pay for it.  

 My daughter and I witnessed a Robin who had broken its neck hitting the window to a store we had visited.  The poor thing it really tried one last time to pick itself up.  Most people assume that animals do not grieve but, that is so not true.  The robins mate came by circled it and had a dead worm in its beak to give to it.  I guess thinking that it just needed a bit of food to get up.  I really felt sorry for both robins and hope that if there is a nest that the babies will survive with one parent.  

On a brighter note the robin in our yard has had two babies and they are just starting to be visible and able to lift their little heads out of the nest.  They are rather cute.  Mama robin is a very fierce protector.  We have had a squirrel come to our mulberry tree to partake of the berries but, mama bird knocks him/her off of the tree by dive bombing the squirrel.  It is funny to watch and I have a bit of sympathy for the squirrel.  

Wednesday we went grocery shopping and then out to lunch.  Today I realize that my shoulders are really sore so it hurts to raise my arms up.  

We got a strawberry plant so I cant wait to plant it and then eat a bunch of strawberries.  Plus I really want to try a new recipe of Strawberry Spring Rolls.   I have been eating a lot of salads and am getting a bit tired of salads so this will be a good change.  I just hope that when I make them my daughter will eat.  It has been a bit frustrating trying to get her to eat things besides pizza, nachos, tacos, etc.  Not that there is anything wrong but, just want her to eat a bit healthier.  

Next week I will be making a vegan tiramisu for my birthday it is one of my favorite deserts. 


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