3 Jun

Sunday I have had a slight case of arachnophobia.  I am not normally afraid of spiders and respect them as best as I can.   The reason why is that on Saturday I went outside in the morning to water my plants well as I was watering I had a jumping spider land on my arm.  I screamed like a little girl because it was biting me.  In the space of seconds lizard and logical brain took over from are you a black widow or brown recluse no to thinking very loudly get it off!  GET IT OFF!  Well I got the little bugger off with my nails.  With all the things that I needed to get done in the AM I forgot to raise my arm above my heart to get rid of any swelling.  It was only after I returned from the farmers market that I noticed my hand had swollen up.  So I once again called my mother in law for suggestions and she also suggested a paste of baking soda to pull out any remaining venom.  

Since my husband has been under such stress from work I decided I needed a break so signed up for a chakra and aura reading workshop.  That was a blast and learned a lot.  Including how to heal the root chakra which is your survival and healing chakra so very important in your health. 

Sunday the spider bite feels more like a sore arm after having a shot and in a way I guess I did get a shot of venom.  

Plus want to put a shout out for a very happy birthday to my sister in law…Happy Birthday Lizard lol.  We fellow Gemini’s rock just remember to expect the unexpected.  

Sunday while in the shower I screamed again because there was a small spider on the shower stall.  Yup just a bit more skittish around spiders than usual.  I really hope it passes. I normally do not scream like a little girl when I see a spider.  Very annoying. 


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