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Getting closer

28 Jun

Well for some reason I managed to find for free an ebook on how to travel with babies and toddlers.  I feel very blessed so it has for the most part all of my questions answered.  So if you are planning on traveling this summer with a baby or babies and toddler(s) and if you dont have a kindle then please find a copy of this book it will save you a lot of hassle on what to pack, what to bring, snacks, etc.  Plus this book is by a mom who has been there and done all of the above plus she even has some recommendations and stories from other moms.  

I was wondering what kind of documentation I would need for my 4 year old and now that I got this book I know what I need now.  

I ordered a Pacsafe travel backpack for almost all of our stuff.  It has a waist and chest belt to help distribute the weight better than just leaving it on your shoulders.  Hopefully I wont be needing this too much.  Plus it has great security and padded back and shoulder straps. I did pay a bit more than $150 for it but, to me the safety features far out way the bit extra I paid. I will let you all know how it did and if I feel it was worth it for this trip.  I got it since I do not have “luggage” anymore.  I got rid of all of my old sets since I did not want to deal with the hassle of checking luggage and the extra expense. So the backpack is it.   I also ordered a very small Pacsafe purse for my daughter since most of the little girl purses she has are put over the shoulder or just carry this one she can put over the opposite shoulder and not worry about losing it along with whatever stuff she puts in it.  She of course got pink but, this bag you can also put around your waist if you want to for easier carry.  Warning this bag is very small almost clutch type for ladies but, if you dont want or need to carry a lot then go for it.  

 Things for this trip are starting to fall into place and I am looking forward to an actual vacation.  I have not had one of those in 10+ years at least.  

 This week we finally finished with my moms basement and I have to say it looks so much better it has been transformed.  There is so much less stuff and less hassle so on the off chance that her basement floods it will not be such a big deal.  I am very glad this is done now that the heat of the summer is now upon us.  I know my moms house is air conditioned and the basement is cool but, it is all the up and down the stairs carting things to both cars and loading both cars and then driving to the nearest Goodwill all at least for me without air conditioning in my car.  

We have had a lot of rain again this week.  Plus I noticed that unfortunately for Nevada and Arizona that they have been under an extreme heat advisory.  Just remember to do most of your activities if possible in the very early morning to very late evening.  Also shade and water are your best friends.  Heat stroke or exhaustion is not fun so stay safe if you live in these areas and I really hope you all get a break soon.  

My daughter has been more than difficult this week but, I have been trying to get through it. Monday I had to call in the calvary I was extremely mad so I called friends or texted them and even called my husband who had his mom stop by to give me a bit of a break so I could calm down.  Sometimes it takes me a bit to calm down.  Then Wednesday she was upset because she lost her gameboy for 24hrs.  because she would not put it up in the correct place it needs to go Tuesday night.  So Wednesday she threw an absolute tantrum and then hit me.  I was rather mad about that as well but, managed to keep my cool better than I did Monday.  Wow raising a 4 year old is tough and I am so not perfect or feel that I am doing everything “right” but, I am doing the best that I can.  

Needing a bit of help

19 Jun

I need a bit of help as to what I can and can not take on an airplane.  Yes I have googled and checked out some sites that let you know what you can or cant take on.  What I want to know are the following in no particular order with out having to check my bag which will be a backpack:  can I take nail clippers and a small manicure kit?,  can I take an umbrella?,  can I bring any liquids such as shampoo, soap, facial creams, etc?,  can I bring a stainless steal water bottle on the plane?, and   Can I take my keys to my car and home?

Yes I know a lot of questions that need answers but, truth be told I have not flown on an airplane since before 9/11 and I know that some of the restricts have been lifted and then they go back and forth and the US is still paranoid about terrorist threats.    

This is my help that I need and I thank folks that take time out of their lives to answer my questions.  I appreciate it.  


On a side note I have tried the strawberry spring rolls and they were yummy.  Plus for my birthday I modified the recipe from 1000 Vegan Recipes for the Tiramisu and that was great as well.  So if you want to know how I modified the Tiramisu or get the recipe for the strawberry spring rolls just let me know in the comments and I will pass the information on.  

Birthday, weekend and Fathers Day

18 Jun

Well for starters a friend of mine was the very first person to wish me a Happy Birthday via text.  It was great and sad considering my husband did not even wish me a Happy Birthday the whole day.  Ah well.  Men.   Sorry.  

My mom did take me and my daughter out to lunch so that was great.  Then later that evening my husband took us all out to dinner and again that was very yummy.  I had Indian food for lunch and then Thai food for dinner.  Wahooo I love ethnic food and the vegan options you can find along with the yummy food and spiciness if you want.   

My dad called me while my husband and I were at half price books.  I found one book which was my gift from my husband but, hey not too much in the clutter accumulation and I can always sell it back and make some $$ if I want to.  

My mom got a gift card for a massage for me for a present so great!  I love “experience gifts” no clutter need apply.   I used it on Saturday so that way I could make sure my daughter was being taken care of and I could go relax for an hour.

Sunday was Fathers Day so I gave my husband a book that he had been wanting and a card.  I also called my dad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day.  Plus I texted my friends who are fathers as well.  

I took my husband out to dinner to celebrate.  Whew we have eaten out a lot lately. Not that, that is a bad thing but, I will be glad to have a home cooked meal…wow did I actually type that?  Looks like it lol.     

I always seem to forget how close Fathers Day is to my birthday it is crazy.  

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all you dads out there.  Hope you had a good day! 

Plus I ordered a backpack for my possible upcoming trip from Amazon.  Now correct me if I am wrong I placed the order Friday and since it is a “Prime” item free shipping and expedited aka fast well it says in my email that I will be getting it in two days by June 26…color me confused because I figured it would be here by the 19th.  Must be back ordered or something.  The reason I ordered a backpack is two fold.  First I do not want to check my bags and incur the extra fee for checked luggage and the second thing is that I have absolutely nothing for traveling.  I got rid of my old school luggage earlier when I was decluttering my moms basement of my stuff.  


13 Jun

Ok well I just lost everything I had typed for this post GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR very frustrating.  

As for this weekend I got a bit of bad news.   I found out from a friend that an area where we both grew up is now on fire in New Mexico still hasnt hit the news so probably wont happen until Los Alamos is threatened.  I also heard from a different friend who lives in Albuquerque that they are under a severe drought.  They normally get 8 in a year and have only had half in 3 years .   New Mexico is normally dry but not this dry.  

I have been helping my mom declutter her basement and we are almost done WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!  Of course then we will move into the interior of the house.  I have been slowly getting rid of my stuff as well so when ever we load up both cars full of stuff I normally get rid of one thing.  It has helped but, not nearly enough we have had a lot of rain and normally it decides to rain on Thursdays the only day my mom will take my daughter for any length of time to allow me to go do whatever.  It has been frustrating. 

For my birthday I had mentioned to my dad that since he had a rather long recoup time from his last trip from Nebraska to where I live that maybe his granddaughter and I could come out to visit him…well he sent me a check to pay for airplane tickets for us.  What a great dad so sweet and nice.  Yeah possible kiss ass alert.   

I am turning a year older on Friday and I do not feel that I am as old as I will be turning.  Guess age is a state of mind or maybe it is true you are only as old as you feel.   

I slept really badly last night so hope to get to bed and SLEEP for a change.  

Also this past weekend I am not sure if the baby robins got kicked out of the nest at some point (they were about half the size of their adult counterparts) but, I have not seen them.  Do you think I should put a for rent sign in the nest?  Just kidding.  

Take care and Happy Birthday to me.  

Hoppin Mad

7 Jun

Thursday I woke up hoppin mad at myself for well basically apologizing too much.  I get into this pattern with certain people mainly my mom and my husband where I apologize for every little thing.  I honestly feel that I would apologize for breathing. 

So today I have vowed to only apologize for not every minor seeming infraction but, only for the major things.  

I had this problem with my mom but, then again after finding out what I did a few years ago it makes sense.  On some level I knew she had a problem with me and did not know really what it was now that I do….I guess a part of me no longer cares if I apologize for most things 

In the case of my husband he is overworked, under stress, and just feels the need to take it out on me I guess or maybe that is just how I see it.  So at least for now I will cease to apologize for every little thing like not turning the AC to full and at it coldest setting so it can be turned off instead of run all day or whatever else that I am not “perfect” at and do not do correctly in his eyes.  

Some sad news

6 Jun

Tuesday I went over to my moms to help her declutter her basement.  Wow now I understand why dad told me that when she moved that she used the whole huge moving truck.  She has a lot of stuff!  We got rid of most things along one wall area that she had crammed packed with a lot of things she has never used or even seen in a long time.  It was a lot of work going up and down the stairs and loading up 2 cars of stuff to take to Goodwill. Plus my mom let me know that for my birthday that is coming up really soon wow how time flies.  She has gotten me an hour long massage! Wahoo I am so excited and thrilled at receiving one whenever I want it.  I just have to let her know so she can pay for it.  

 My daughter and I witnessed a Robin who had broken its neck hitting the window to a store we had visited.  The poor thing it really tried one last time to pick itself up.  Most people assume that animals do not grieve but, that is so not true.  The robins mate came by circled it and had a dead worm in its beak to give to it.  I guess thinking that it just needed a bit of food to get up.  I really felt sorry for both robins and hope that if there is a nest that the babies will survive with one parent.  

On a brighter note the robin in our yard has had two babies and they are just starting to be visible and able to lift their little heads out of the nest.  They are rather cute.  Mama robin is a very fierce protector.  We have had a squirrel come to our mulberry tree to partake of the berries but, mama bird knocks him/her off of the tree by dive bombing the squirrel.  It is funny to watch and I have a bit of sympathy for the squirrel.  

Wednesday we went grocery shopping and then out to lunch.  Today I realize that my shoulders are really sore so it hurts to raise my arms up.  

We got a strawberry plant so I cant wait to plant it and then eat a bunch of strawberries.  Plus I really want to try a new recipe of Strawberry Spring Rolls.   I have been eating a lot of salads and am getting a bit tired of salads so this will be a good change.  I just hope that when I make them my daughter will eat.  It has been a bit frustrating trying to get her to eat things besides pizza, nachos, tacos, etc.  Not that there is anything wrong but, just want her to eat a bit healthier.  

Next week I will be making a vegan tiramisu for my birthday it is one of my favorite deserts. 


3 Jun

Sunday I have had a slight case of arachnophobia.  I am not normally afraid of spiders and respect them as best as I can.   The reason why is that on Saturday I went outside in the morning to water my plants well as I was watering I had a jumping spider land on my arm.  I screamed like a little girl because it was biting me.  In the space of seconds lizard and logical brain took over from are you a black widow or brown recluse no to thinking very loudly get it off!  GET IT OFF!  Well I got the little bugger off with my nails.  With all the things that I needed to get done in the AM I forgot to raise my arm above my heart to get rid of any swelling.  It was only after I returned from the farmers market that I noticed my hand had swollen up.  So I once again called my mother in law for suggestions and she also suggested a paste of baking soda to pull out any remaining venom.  

Since my husband has been under such stress from work I decided I needed a break so signed up for a chakra and aura reading workshop.  That was a blast and learned a lot.  Including how to heal the root chakra which is your survival and healing chakra so very important in your health. 

Sunday the spider bite feels more like a sore arm after having a shot and in a way I guess I did get a shot of venom.  

Plus want to put a shout out for a very happy birthday to my sister in law…Happy Birthday Lizard lol.  We fellow Gemini’s rock just remember to expect the unexpected.  

Sunday while in the shower I screamed again because there was a small spider on the shower stall.  Yup just a bit more skittish around spiders than usual.  I really hope it passes. I normally do not scream like a little girl when I see a spider.  Very annoying.