Drama and more drama

31 May

Wednesday I went over to my moms to help her get rid of a bunch of stuff she no longer wants and that I no longer want. We were cooking along and I went to place something in our give away pile (it was growing quite a bit) when I turned back around and my mom was clutching her head and seemed to be in pain.  Well I asked her what happened she pointed to a footlocker that was on a shelf that she was about to grab and go through.  I had her llift her hand away and wow did the blood start to flow!  So I told her to put pressure on it and grabbed a piece of cloth that was in the give away pile and called my mother in law and explained to her what happened (she is a nurse).  I already know that any and all head wounds no matter how deep they are bleed a lot.   So asked her how long she recommended my mom keep pressure and she said 5 minutes.  My mom wanted me to get her neighbor who is also a nurse to come over.  I did not think it was very deep but, did not want my mom to remove the pressure until the 5 min. were up.  I ended up going to the wrong neighbors house but, as luck would have it the one my mom wanted arrived home.  So with the help of my daughter we brought the calvary over to take care of my mom.  She is fine except for some cool red dye in her hair lol.  I was really worried about her so I am not trying to make fun of my mom or anything like that.  It really could have been much worse than just superficial.  

We hung out with my mom to make sure she was doing ok and then decided to head on home.  

The second bit of drama was passing a restaurant that my daughter said she wanted to go to and I told her no that I had no money or at least not enough to cover most things she might want.  So there was a lot of crying and whining on the way home.  Did I handle this very well of course not I was still stressed and reeling from my moms accident?  Could I have handled it better probably if I was not still upset and stressed about my moms accident?  Did I yell and shout?  Yup I sure did and begged Rose to be silent because I had no money and was unwilling to use my debit card or credit card for food for her I felt it was ridiculous.  

So I arrived home and my husband beat us after showing up at my moms after we had for the most part gotten things under control.  I was pretty mad so he decided to take her out and get her some more food.  

It seems that every time my husband has a rough week at work he manages to take it out on me by yelling at me for whatever it is that I am saying or not saying or doing or not doing with our daughter.  It really sucks.  


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