Weekend Slug

29 May

This weekend I was well to put it mildly a slug.  I did not do a whole lot except read granted they were trashy romance novels but, a quick read for me. Plus since we had a lot of rain my allergies were killing me and hence the reason I was such a bum.  I had no energy and just kept sneezing a lot.  

An upside to the weekend our Robin is now a proud mama.  The eggs hatched although I honestly do not know exactly when or how long it takes for Robin eggs to hatch.   There are at least 2 babies in the nest and both parents I think are working hard to keep them fed with lots of worms.  I have been doing my best to not disturb them too much and feel bad when mama flees but, just hope she is getting herself some food or maybe a much needed break.  It has been cute to hear them cheep or make whatever little noises they make to say hey want food.  

 Tuesday I spent not doing much since my daughter spent a lot of time at one of our local parks in the heat on Monday.  So it was just a day of rest and relaxation and just try and get back into the groove of the rest of the week even if it is a short one.  

Wednesday I will be going to my moms to help her in her basement getting rid of things.  Cant wait.  After my little bit of decluttering it was such a buzz for me.  I have stopped feeling bad about all the money wasted or whatever.   I just see it as a step forward in releasing the past, learning from my mistake and moving forward.  I will of course continue with a bit of my stuff as well.  In fact the things aka stuffed toys I thought about keeping I released except for one which was given to me by my best friend that I can just cant part with because it is really cute and the bonus is that it is actually stuffed and I can throw it into the washing machine and wash it.  So great.  


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