The long weekend

25 May

Here in the US the long weekend is upon us.  Filled with Barbecues, travel, sales, and hopefully the start of summer.  

As you can imagine the only thing I might barbecue is a veggie burger or perhaps some veggies on a skewer.  

Thursday I had my daughter spend some time with her grandmother.  It was nice because as you recall I am still trying to get rid of the stuff from my moms basement that I have not touched in forever.  Yesterday I got rid of 2 boxes of things.  I did go through the boxes for anything personal or whatever that I did not want others to have.  I did run across an old coin purse that I immediately put into use again.  My new slimmer wallet does not have a way for me to deal with my change.  I also got rid of some books too and made a whopping $3.00 yup that is all I got.  Ah well.  The rest of the contents in the boxes went to goodwill just because I have tried to sell my stuff before and have not had any luck so will continue to get rid of things that way it is just so much easier for me.  Things get gone without having to get up before dawn for setting up for a garage sale.  

I do want to part ways with my old high school yearbooks.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with them?  I really do not want to keep them right now and have honestly not looked at them since I first packed them.  

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun if you can.  Here we are expecting cooler weather and of course more rain.  On the upside to the rain I do not have to worry about watering my garden.  



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