OK and other news

23 May

First of all my heart goes out to the families of everyone who was affected by the Tornadoes that arrived in OK.  I do hope that everyone finds peace and is able to recover to the best of their ability.  

 Tuesday we had severe weather here although not nearly as bad as what hit OK.  It was mainly lots of strong wind and rain that came down in sheets.  

Wednesday was spent doing grocery shopping…we were running out of a few basics and I was really happy to get it done and over with.  My daughter and I went out to lunch which I try to do if there is any money left over as a reward and treat for us to have a bit more mother, daughter time together.  

Wednesday morning I did make a discovery.  

Image I managed to startle mama off while taking a few things to the trash. 

Image I tried again later to get one with the mama robin in the nest. I knew there was one around but, assumed it was in our neighbors honeysuckle bush aka tree next door but, was surprised to see that it was actually near us and a part of where we are living.  I am excited and cant wait to hear the little fledglings crying for mama nor seeing them around our yard as they are taught how to get worms from the earth. 

Stay safe if you have experienced rough weather or will be experiencing it in the future.  

Take care.


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