21 May

Summer is almost here you can feel it in the heat, the humidity and the energy of the Earth.  I absolutely love summer and along with summer comes long days, siestas in the afternoon and of course ice cream.  I personally make my own because for granted a bit more than spending about $5 for a tiny pint of ice cream I make my own with fresh ingredients usually fresh from the farmers market berries.  My husband purchased a couple of years ago for an anniversary present an ice cream maker that is electric.  It has 2 tubs that we put into the freezer.  

This is the best book so far that I have found for making ice cream

Image It has a lot of recipes and even includes making hot fudge, petite fours and other things along with a few odd flavors of ice cream that I have not made like Wasabi ice cream.  

You do not need to use soy milk for all the of your ice cream you can use any nut milk you want to.  As for a creamer do not use any of the ones you would use in your coffee it will not work very well.  Look for the milks that are shelf stable and you should be able to find one that is a cashew or almond creamer and just read the label.  

Yesterday I took our daughter to the park and this is part of what we saw there. 

Image I know it is not the best picture but, in case you really cant see them there are about 4 little goslings that look like ducks to me.  They were so cute and the parents were very protective and rightfully so. 

I also managed despite the upper 80s and high humidity to transplant my two tomato plants that I got from the farmers market.  I have been unable to do anything with them because we have had a lot of rain again.  

Have a great day and stay cool.  



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