Honk, honk

18 May

Friday I spent part of the day cleaning a bit of the bathrooms,  a quick vacuum and of course cleaning out Noel’s area and litter box.  Plus did all my usual morning things that I do.  

We also had guests in our front lawn.  

Image It is not the best picture but you can hopefully see one of them well while the other has their head buried in the grass finding something good to munch on.  We have had them show up usually across the street but, Friday was the first day they decided to come into our yard.  I absolutely love having whatever wildlife show up around our home.

Just a quick mention for the ladies either traveling or not and a very nice and cool way to keep your credit card and other valuables safe.  I got a PacSafe bag online for less than $50 it is RFID protected, has wires so if someone decides to slash your strap and run off with your bag well good luck unless their knife is really sharp and can cut through mesh.  It has a key ring on the inside for your keys if you want, it has an extra clip attached to the strap so you can attach it and make it even harder for someone to come along and open your bag and take your wallet, etc.  Granted it may not be the most stylish bag but, for peace of mind and a bit of added security this is well worth the money.  

I have lately seen a lot of women leaving their purses unzipped in restaurants etc.  Granted i am not a pickpocket but, if I was it would be awfully tempting to try.  

Whew plus this week I have finally finished a lot of books I had checked out from the library and renewed and renewed once again.  So that is a relief so no possible fines or whatever.

I also picked up from Amazon a kids yoga dvd for our daughter…I have been looking for one so finally had to give up and just order it.  

If you need or want a good movie for the entire family try Warren Buffets Millionaire Kids Club.  Granted it is animated and I feel is a bit too advanced for our daughter now but, in a few years this will be perfect for her. It gives great advice for both kids and adults just my opinion.

Hope to attend a Herb Festival close to town but, will have to wait and see what the weather will be doing Saturday.  

What are your plans for the weekend?  




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