I feel good, I look good

16 May

Tuesday my dad and my daughter had a lot of fun.  It was really sweet watching him play with his granddaughter and he even read her a story.  It was very cool.  

 Wednesday I actually feel a lot better and am not as tired as I have been due to lack of sleep and allergies.  

If you have not seen any episodes of Red Dwarf please go check them out from a red box, your library or netflix.  It is a funny show.  Does anyone know if the actor playing the cat has cats or if the writers had any cats because for a human to play a cat he has it down pretty good.  

Wednesday I have been in such a good mood.  I actually sang this morning (no I will never make it on the Voice or American Idol)  not my dream anyway.  Which is strange because my dad left my moms to go back home.  I will still miss him but, he is planning on coming out for a visit in October sometime so that should be fun.  He hates to travel when it is so hot.  I just hope he can handle the heat the main city was over 100 yesterday where he lives.  Yuck. 

Wednesday I went grocery shopping and spent less than $100 on food for the week for 3 people.  Not too bad.  We still need to go to the farmers market this weekend to get a few fruits and veggies.

Noel and the cats are not shedding so bad so driving me a little less crazy with having to brush them so much.  Still love my fuzzy friends. 

Have a fantastic day!


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