A bit bummed

15 May

Today my dad left but, at least my daughter got to spend time with her grandpa. 

Yesterday we spent  a couple of hours with him hanging out, talking and playing.  My daughter even got my dad to read a sponge bob book to her.  It was really awesome seeing my dad play with my daughter and read a story to her.  

I still feel awful but, I can at least hear.  I think I personally poured a quarter to a third of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide into my ear just so I can hear again.  Much cheaper than going to the doctors especially when my insurance situation is still a grab bag.  

My mom bought me the coolest accordion type wallet that is designed so that way people can not get personal info off of your credit card or debit cards.  It is even tinier than my normal wallet that I carry and holds almost all that I carried in my old wallet.  I absolutely love it.  The only draw back is no where to put your loose change so for now until I can come up with something better it is in the bottom of my purse so I will have to dig if I need any change.  Since most of the bulk is gone out of my purse this should not be a problem.  The bulkiest thing in my purse was my wallet.  

I do want to share a link about simplicity and hope it helps.



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