14 May

Since my dad is in town it has been a whirlwind of activity which has been fun and good except for today.  Today I am well sick I guess.  I feel fine but, I have one ear clogged up with a bunch of wax (disgusting I know) but, it will not get out very easily.  So today I am really tired and cannot hear out of one ear.  

 I went by and visited with him on Saturday before I had to take his granddaughter to her friends birthday party.  It was fun both events.  

Sunday we were invited to my in laws for dinner along with my parents.  On the way back I had to stop rather suddenly at a green light because there were a couple of geese with their young goslings crossing the road.  My mom was so funny and said “why don’t they do this at a wildlife crossing”  I asked my mom “can geese read?”  we both said no at about the same time.  The goslings were very cute and had their fluffy downy feathers.  

Monday was spent taking it easy or as easy as I could.  

We got our statement on how much money we spent at our local food coop so for the year we spent about $8000 for a family of three.  You might think this is expensive so breaking it down per week 8000 divided by 52 = 153.85  which strictly speaking is not too bad.  This of course does not include our eating out upon occasion or any other extra snacks purchased elsewhere.  You can break it down further and see how much we spent per person per serving for a week but, I figured enough geeking out for me.  

 My dad will be leaving Wednesday so Tuesday we will spend more time with him and I hope to be feeling better.   I will miss him when he leaves.  


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