My dad is coming to town

10 May

Not to be confused with Santa lol.  I am really excited.  My mom is still not sure if he will be here today or not so we will have to wait and see.  

Wednesday I was having technical difficulties.  It always seems that there is never a good time for your cell phone to die.  My husband had to take a small trip out of town for a meeting.  He texted me saying that he was on his way to meet my daughter and I for lunch.  I had no idea where he was and couldnt really ask because cell phone decided to die.  So I texted back that we would see him there.   We waited over an hour for him to show up at our meeting place.  I was getting rather grumpy (I tend to when I am hungry and the smell of food is driving me crazy) so we decided to check a few other places and then headed home.  I found that my cell phone had a voice mail and missed calls from my husband.  We did finally go back to meet up and eat a very late lunch to me at 2pm. Plus it decided to rain (nothing like suddenly remembering you left windows open at home)  no rain got in to soak anything thankfully.  It was a rather exciting day.  

Thursday I decided to go ahead and transplant the last of my flowers outside (we are supposed to have a hopefully last frost this weekend maybe).  I got my tomato plants at the farmers market and am debating on putting them in buckets before this weekend.  

My daughter and I are super excited to see my father her grandpa.  It has been since last year so we are looking forward to it. I really hope he makes it before the rain starts in yet again.  Cant complain it made pulling up plants a lot easier to make space for the new plants.  

I am now down to brushing Noel every other day.  It helps but, she is still shedding a bit ah well.  

My daughter is also going to her friends birthday party this weekend as well.  So today I will be giving her a mini facial and painting her finger and toe nails along with my own.  If your going to a princess tea party you gotta dress the part and feel like a princess to be a princess.  


Have a great weekend and enjoy.  Dont forget to wish your mom, sister, wife,etc. a happy mothers day.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there enjoy your day!



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