My mom loved her present for her birthday

8 May

My mom loved her present for her birthday and mothers day.  Yup you can say I am a cheap person combining them together.  I also got some good news as well my dad will be coming in for a visit and hopefully be leaving Thursday and be here by Friday or Saturday.  My daughter and I are very excited by the prospect of seeing him.  

I just have a few links I want to share for information so in no particular order they are:  

Hope this helps you keep the clutter at bay and bust some out of your home. 

Need help healing from a major disease or just need a bit more energy this will help you hopefully de stress and relax.  Either that or might I suggest Reiki and if you are interested you can get attunements to help you heal yourself.  I am a Reiki master so just let me know. That is all for now so until next time.  



One Response to “My mom loved her present for her birthday”

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