Moms Birthday

7 May

Just wanted to wish my mom a Happy Birthday!  Today I will be taking her to the saloon where I got my hair done.  They give massages, facials, and wraps.   My mom is having a facial. This ties in great with what she is having done earlier.  She is having a massage.  So she will be coming over to my house so I can either drive her over and drop her off or she can follow me or whatever she wants to do.  

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning the bathrooms and doing my usual of taking care of the furry friends.  Oops my daughter is included in this too lol.  

Tonight I am meeting a coworker of my husbands at a local coffee shop.  They will probably have tea as for myself I am not sure.  

I also got my medical records paid for by me of course so my “lovely” insurance company should be getting them next week I hope.  It was not as expensive as I thought it would be less than $20 and my insurance company cant or wont pay really?  So silly.  

This weekend I read and finished In the Body of the World by Eve Ensler.  It is a good book and I recommend it.  It will make you cry, laugh, and be amazed at the strength of the human spirit.  It might even make you angry too.  

This weekend I did get to go see the newest Ironman movie.  I liked it.  The previews are good too.  There is a new Thor movie coming out along with a new Wolverine movie (Marvel comics need I say more?).  There is also a new Lone Ranger movie due out soon too.  I have not seen the Lone Ranger since I watched it on TV in both color and black and white.  Yup I feel older than dirt some days lol.  Those were the ones that were of at least memorable mention to me there were others but, more for me a matter of who cares.

What movies do you want to see this summer?  


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