Spring Joys

4 May

On Wednesday we celebrated our big 6 years together.  We went out for lunch and dinner.  Dinner was a newly discovered Indian food restaurant that we found last weekend.  The food was outstanding!  Unfortunately for some strange reason we all were not very hungry I personally blame the heat of 80 degrees.  It seems that when the temperature goes up I tend to not eat that much or be very hungry.  We did have leftovers for lunch the next day.  

Thursday was spent cleaning house a bit, and then paying my Dr. bill from last year.   We have given up on our lovely insurance company.  We will see what happens with our next set of bills we should be receiving any day now for my physical last month.  

Friday has been do laundry and more house work.  Ah such an exciting life I lead.  Ah well at least my rather cranky daughter is taking a nap so that is nice.  

Saturday not sure what we will be doing.  Probably go to the farmers market and maybe go grocery shopping.

The joys of spring never seems to end because my beautiful Noel and cats have been shedding enough fur to start a new smaller rabbit and cat at the very least.  I have been brushing them all daily but, it just keeps coming.  I do know that it helps them if I brush because they seem to be in a better mood and hopefully a little less itchy.  


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