A bit of good news

1 May

Monday I got some good news of course this depends upon how you take it.  Since my “lovely” health insurance company is still not cooperating as in not paying the less than $20 to get my medical records.  I called the people I still owe money to and explained the situation on what is going on.  She was really nice and dropped 40% off the bill since we have to pay it. I was so surprised by this kindness and it was so unexpected since this has been ongoing since November of last year.    The kindness of strangers just makes your day so much brighter.  

If you are wanting to find some cool vegan products including health and beauty, snacks or other vegan approved type of products then try http://www.vegancuts.com it is almost your one stop shop for all things vegan.  

I also got a bit of good news in the form of mail on Monday as well.  I had placed an order (I admit a bit late) for my daughters friend who is having a birthday party later in May.  I had emailed the company to see how soon it would be shipped and to see if it would arrive before the date I needed it to in May.  Well not only did they package, ship and send it very promptly.  I emailed them back stating that I don’t like their company I love their company and if I had a facebook account I would have to have a love button instead of the like.  I was very happy to get the items I had purchased.  I also got a second one of a different flavor just in case the first flavor is not liked or appreciated.  I love having backups.  In case you are wondering the awesome and amazing company is Crazy Rumors.  They have amazing flavors and some with just a hint of color if you want.  For the guys who are not into the “stinky stuff” they also have an unflavored aka plain one.  These are great for your lips and very smooth so just in case your lips are already chapped they will not hurt you like oh say chapstick does or can or maybe used to.  

I ordered of course some for me and my daughter as well out of the 4 fountain ones she chose the Rootbeer and it smells great.  

May 1st is my 6 year anniversary with my husband.  We have not really decided what to do to celebrate.  I do know that at some point I want to eat Indian food.  Not sure if it will be for lunch or dinner yet.  My husband is taking the day off so we can all spend time together.  It almost does not seem like it has been 6 years but, I do remember being nervous and wondering when I would be getting the divorce papers just because my exhusband divorced me after 3 years of marriage.  I know not fair to assume my current husband would do the same but, it just felt like a milestone.  Now I just breathe and enjoy the time we spend together.  

This weekend I am hoping to drag (willingly) my husband to see the latest Ironman movie. Maybe not very romantic but, it is one summer movie I really want to see and it conveniently comes out just after our anniversary but, hopefully we can avoid some of the possible crowds.  


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