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Drama and more drama

31 May

Wednesday I went over to my moms to help her get rid of a bunch of stuff she no longer wants and that I no longer want. We were cooking along and I went to place something in our give away pile (it was growing quite a bit) when I turned back around and my mom was clutching her head and seemed to be in pain.  Well I asked her what happened she pointed to a footlocker that was on a shelf that she was about to grab and go through.  I had her llift her hand away and wow did the blood start to flow!  So I told her to put pressure on it and grabbed a piece of cloth that was in the give away pile and called my mother in law and explained to her what happened (she is a nurse).  I already know that any and all head wounds no matter how deep they are bleed a lot.   So asked her how long she recommended my mom keep pressure and she said 5 minutes.  My mom wanted me to get her neighbor who is also a nurse to come over.  I did not think it was very deep but, did not want my mom to remove the pressure until the 5 min. were up.  I ended up going to the wrong neighbors house but, as luck would have it the one my mom wanted arrived home.  So with the help of my daughter we brought the calvary over to take care of my mom.  She is fine except for some cool red dye in her hair lol.  I was really worried about her so I am not trying to make fun of my mom or anything like that.  It really could have been much worse than just superficial.  

We hung out with my mom to make sure she was doing ok and then decided to head on home.  

The second bit of drama was passing a restaurant that my daughter said she wanted to go to and I told her no that I had no money or at least not enough to cover most things she might want.  So there was a lot of crying and whining on the way home.  Did I handle this very well of course not I was still stressed and reeling from my moms accident?  Could I have handled it better probably if I was not still upset and stressed about my moms accident?  Did I yell and shout?  Yup I sure did and begged Rose to be silent because I had no money and was unwilling to use my debit card or credit card for food for her I felt it was ridiculous.  

So I arrived home and my husband beat us after showing up at my moms after we had for the most part gotten things under control.  I was pretty mad so he decided to take her out and get her some more food.  

It seems that every time my husband has a rough week at work he manages to take it out on me by yelling at me for whatever it is that I am saying or not saying or doing or not doing with our daughter.  It really sucks.  

Mini World Traveler

30 May

Well my daughter wants to travel the world or at least she thinks she does.  She currently wants to go to Africa (mainly because her papaw might be going there this summer).  I am not knocking this idea but, I do want her to understand that she will have to sit in her seat for a very long flight depending upon where we decide to go.  

Plus there is that whole needing of passports.  I need one and she will need one.  Of course I am not positive if a 4 year old needs a passport if traveling with an adult.  Does anyone know if a minor aka youngster needs a passport?  

Perhaps before we travel the world or at least parts of the world together we might start small as in somewhere here in the US to visit and then work our way up.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to take a tiny person?    I do not want to go to Disney so sorry for putting the kaibash on that one.  Too crowded and lots of kids which is not bad but, I have been there and hated the lines.  I really want to take her somewhere fun and educational yeah I know that may be a tall order.  Plus really want to get her used to flying if possible.  

What do you think of traveling with a 4 year old?  Do you think I should wait until she is a bit older to actually remember her trip or should I just go ahead and take her somewhere in the US?   

Weekend Slug

29 May

This weekend I was well to put it mildly a slug.  I did not do a whole lot except read granted they were trashy romance novels but, a quick read for me. Plus since we had a lot of rain my allergies were killing me and hence the reason I was such a bum.  I had no energy and just kept sneezing a lot.  

An upside to the weekend our Robin is now a proud mama.  The eggs hatched although I honestly do not know exactly when or how long it takes for Robin eggs to hatch.   There are at least 2 babies in the nest and both parents I think are working hard to keep them fed with lots of worms.  I have been doing my best to not disturb them too much and feel bad when mama flees but, just hope she is getting herself some food or maybe a much needed break.  It has been cute to hear them cheep or make whatever little noises they make to say hey want food.  

 Tuesday I spent not doing much since my daughter spent a lot of time at one of our local parks in the heat on Monday.  So it was just a day of rest and relaxation and just try and get back into the groove of the rest of the week even if it is a short one.  

Wednesday I will be going to my moms to help her in her basement getting rid of things.  Cant wait.  After my little bit of decluttering it was such a buzz for me.  I have stopped feeling bad about all the money wasted or whatever.   I just see it as a step forward in releasing the past, learning from my mistake and moving forward.  I will of course continue with a bit of my stuff as well.  In fact the things aka stuffed toys I thought about keeping I released except for one which was given to me by my best friend that I can just cant part with because it is really cute and the bonus is that it is actually stuffed and I can throw it into the washing machine and wash it.  So great.  

The long weekend

25 May

Here in the US the long weekend is upon us.  Filled with Barbecues, travel, sales, and hopefully the start of summer.  

As you can imagine the only thing I might barbecue is a veggie burger or perhaps some veggies on a skewer.  

Thursday I had my daughter spend some time with her grandmother.  It was nice because as you recall I am still trying to get rid of the stuff from my moms basement that I have not touched in forever.  Yesterday I got rid of 2 boxes of things.  I did go through the boxes for anything personal or whatever that I did not want others to have.  I did run across an old coin purse that I immediately put into use again.  My new slimmer wallet does not have a way for me to deal with my change.  I also got rid of some books too and made a whopping $3.00 yup that is all I got.  Ah well.  The rest of the contents in the boxes went to goodwill just because I have tried to sell my stuff before and have not had any luck so will continue to get rid of things that way it is just so much easier for me.  Things get gone without having to get up before dawn for setting up for a garage sale.  

I do want to part ways with my old high school yearbooks.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with them?  I really do not want to keep them right now and have honestly not looked at them since I first packed them.  

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun if you can.  Here we are expecting cooler weather and of course more rain.  On the upside to the rain I do not have to worry about watering my garden.  


OK and other news

23 May

First of all my heart goes out to the families of everyone who was affected by the Tornadoes that arrived in OK.  I do hope that everyone finds peace and is able to recover to the best of their ability.  

 Tuesday we had severe weather here although not nearly as bad as what hit OK.  It was mainly lots of strong wind and rain that came down in sheets.  

Wednesday was spent doing grocery shopping…we were running out of a few basics and I was really happy to get it done and over with.  My daughter and I went out to lunch which I try to do if there is any money left over as a reward and treat for us to have a bit more mother, daughter time together.  

Wednesday morning I did make a discovery.  

Image I managed to startle mama off while taking a few things to the trash. 

Image I tried again later to get one with the mama robin in the nest. I knew there was one around but, assumed it was in our neighbors honeysuckle bush aka tree next door but, was surprised to see that it was actually near us and a part of where we are living.  I am excited and cant wait to hear the little fledglings crying for mama nor seeing them around our yard as they are taught how to get worms from the earth. 

Stay safe if you have experienced rough weather or will be experiencing it in the future.  

Take care.


21 May

Summer is almost here you can feel it in the heat, the humidity and the energy of the Earth.  I absolutely love summer and along with summer comes long days, siestas in the afternoon and of course ice cream.  I personally make my own because for granted a bit more than spending about $5 for a tiny pint of ice cream I make my own with fresh ingredients usually fresh from the farmers market berries.  My husband purchased a couple of years ago for an anniversary present an ice cream maker that is electric.  It has 2 tubs that we put into the freezer.  

This is the best book so far that I have found for making ice cream

Image It has a lot of recipes and even includes making hot fudge, petite fours and other things along with a few odd flavors of ice cream that I have not made like Wasabi ice cream.  

You do not need to use soy milk for all the of your ice cream you can use any nut milk you want to.  As for a creamer do not use any of the ones you would use in your coffee it will not work very well.  Look for the milks that are shelf stable and you should be able to find one that is a cashew or almond creamer and just read the label.  

Yesterday I took our daughter to the park and this is part of what we saw there. 

Image I know it is not the best picture but, in case you really cant see them there are about 4 little goslings that look like ducks to me.  They were so cute and the parents were very protective and rightfully so. 

I also managed despite the upper 80s and high humidity to transplant my two tomato plants that I got from the farmers market.  I have been unable to do anything with them because we have had a lot of rain again.  

Have a great day and stay cool.  


Honk, honk

18 May

Friday I spent part of the day cleaning a bit of the bathrooms,  a quick vacuum and of course cleaning out Noel’s area and litter box.  Plus did all my usual morning things that I do.  

We also had guests in our front lawn.  

Image It is not the best picture but you can hopefully see one of them well while the other has their head buried in the grass finding something good to munch on.  We have had them show up usually across the street but, Friday was the first day they decided to come into our yard.  I absolutely love having whatever wildlife show up around our home.

Just a quick mention for the ladies either traveling or not and a very nice and cool way to keep your credit card and other valuables safe.  I got a PacSafe bag online for less than $50 it is RFID protected, has wires so if someone decides to slash your strap and run off with your bag well good luck unless their knife is really sharp and can cut through mesh.  It has a key ring on the inside for your keys if you want, it has an extra clip attached to the strap so you can attach it and make it even harder for someone to come along and open your bag and take your wallet, etc.  Granted it may not be the most stylish bag but, for peace of mind and a bit of added security this is well worth the money.  

I have lately seen a lot of women leaving their purses unzipped in restaurants etc.  Granted i am not a pickpocket but, if I was it would be awfully tempting to try.  

Whew plus this week I have finally finished a lot of books I had checked out from the library and renewed and renewed once again.  So that is a relief so no possible fines or whatever.

I also picked up from Amazon a kids yoga dvd for our daughter…I have been looking for one so finally had to give up and just order it.  

If you need or want a good movie for the entire family try Warren Buffets Millionaire Kids Club.  Granted it is animated and I feel is a bit too advanced for our daughter now but, in a few years this will be perfect for her. It gives great advice for both kids and adults just my opinion.

Hope to attend a Herb Festival close to town but, will have to wait and see what the weather will be doing Saturday.  

What are your plans for the weekend?  



I feel good, I look good

16 May

Tuesday my dad and my daughter had a lot of fun.  It was really sweet watching him play with his granddaughter and he even read her a story.  It was very cool.  

 Wednesday I actually feel a lot better and am not as tired as I have been due to lack of sleep and allergies.  

If you have not seen any episodes of Red Dwarf please go check them out from a red box, your library or netflix.  It is a funny show.  Does anyone know if the actor playing the cat has cats or if the writers had any cats because for a human to play a cat he has it down pretty good.  

Wednesday I have been in such a good mood.  I actually sang this morning (no I will never make it on the Voice or American Idol)  not my dream anyway.  Which is strange because my dad left my moms to go back home.  I will still miss him but, he is planning on coming out for a visit in October sometime so that should be fun.  He hates to travel when it is so hot.  I just hope he can handle the heat the main city was over 100 yesterday where he lives.  Yuck. 

Wednesday I went grocery shopping and spent less than $100 on food for the week for 3 people.  Not too bad.  We still need to go to the farmers market this weekend to get a few fruits and veggies.

Noel and the cats are not shedding so bad so driving me a little less crazy with having to brush them so much.  Still love my fuzzy friends. 

Have a fantastic day!

A bit bummed

15 May

Today my dad left but, at least my daughter got to spend time with her grandpa. 

Yesterday we spent  a couple of hours with him hanging out, talking and playing.  My daughter even got my dad to read a sponge bob book to her.  It was really awesome seeing my dad play with my daughter and read a story to her.  

I still feel awful but, I can at least hear.  I think I personally poured a quarter to a third of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide into my ear just so I can hear again.  Much cheaper than going to the doctors especially when my insurance situation is still a grab bag.  

My mom bought me the coolest accordion type wallet that is designed so that way people can not get personal info off of your credit card or debit cards.  It is even tinier than my normal wallet that I carry and holds almost all that I carried in my old wallet.  I absolutely love it.  The only draw back is no where to put your loose change so for now until I can come up with something better it is in the bottom of my purse so I will have to dig if I need any change.  Since most of the bulk is gone out of my purse this should not be a problem.  The bulkiest thing in my purse was my wallet.  

I do want to share a link about simplicity and hope it helps.


14 May

Since my dad is in town it has been a whirlwind of activity which has been fun and good except for today.  Today I am well sick I guess.  I feel fine but, I have one ear clogged up with a bunch of wax (disgusting I know) but, it will not get out very easily.  So today I am really tired and cannot hear out of one ear.  

 I went by and visited with him on Saturday before I had to take his granddaughter to her friends birthday party.  It was fun both events.  

Sunday we were invited to my in laws for dinner along with my parents.  On the way back I had to stop rather suddenly at a green light because there were a couple of geese with their young goslings crossing the road.  My mom was so funny and said “why don’t they do this at a wildlife crossing”  I asked my mom “can geese read?”  we both said no at about the same time.  The goslings were very cute and had their fluffy downy feathers.  

Monday was spent taking it easy or as easy as I could.  

We got our statement on how much money we spent at our local food coop so for the year we spent about $8000 for a family of three.  You might think this is expensive so breaking it down per week 8000 divided by 52 = 153.85  which strictly speaking is not too bad.  This of course does not include our eating out upon occasion or any other extra snacks purchased elsewhere.  You can break it down further and see how much we spent per person per serving for a week but, I figured enough geeking out for me.  

 My dad will be leaving Wednesday so Tuesday we will spend more time with him and I hope to be feeling better.   I will miss him when he leaves.