28 Apr

Just wanted to make a comment about a friend who I can never get a hold of whenever I call.  Granted we have drifted apart in more ways than one and I am trying my best to stay in touch, but at what point do you give up?  

We text, again she is very busy and I do understand that plus it is about the only way I will get any sort of response.  The funny to me thing was that she wanted to know what I had been up to so I referred her to my blog.  Yeah a little shameless self promotion maybe but, it does help her to see what is going on with my life rather than me emailing her and never getting any response of any kind back. Could she be a better friend and maybe take some time out to call me every once in a blue moon?  Perhaps would I like her to yes of course.  

So in keeping with the theme of being so busy I am reminded of a chapter in the Tao of Pooh titled the Busy Back Soon.  You will have to read it to understand it better but, basically so many people are too busy to even stay in touch with the few friends they do have, spend quality time with X be it parents, siblings, children, spouses, or significant others.  

I did find a link of interest to me and sort of goes along the lines of this post 

You might find it interesting to read and it might inspire you to not only do a bit of spring cleaning but, also to simplify your life.  Regardless please read and enjoy. 


What is your opinion?  Should I give up on my busy back soon friend or keep trying? 


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