Weekend plans

27 Apr

Yesterday was Friday ah, I love Fridays it is the end of yet another long seeming week, the end hopefully of 4 year old tantrums,  time to go to the Farmers Market, run a few errands and have my daughter spend a night with her grandparents for a little peace and quiet and r&r.  Plus I can get those errands done that I cant or just do not want to do with my daughter in tow mainly because I do not want to deal with the drama or even the possible drama that might ensue. 

I always miss her when she leaves and am thrilled to see her again after one night of being gone.  

Yesterday we went to the park to spend some time outside since it will be raining most of the weekend.  Why does it always seem to rain when you finally have a few days off?   Ah well on the upside I will not have to water plants.

I also encouraged my daughter to go outside to play since I knew it would rain.  This took a bit of encouragement.  It left me free to finish up some cleaning I normally do.  

What are your weekend plans?  

If you have not seen Hotel Transylvania I actually like this one and feel that it is a bit better and a bit more appropriate for a 4 year old to see rather than Wreck it Ralph.  Of course not for children who are scared of monsters or other Halloween images.  


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