Take your Daughter to Work Day

26 Apr

Yesterday my daughter got to go to work with her father for a half day she got her own id badge and a fake flower lei along with a few origami figures one of a crane and the other of pica choo really cute.  My husband had middle and upper management wander by his work area.  Unless they did not know that yesterday was take your daughter to work.

My daughter also managed to break a printer.  Not a problem since my husbands job is to test printers for a national company.


I am glad that our daughter gets to have this chance.  I was never able to go to my father’s work because I would have needed a security clearance to be able to get in.  So while most kids in my school got to go to where their dads worked I was never able to and always was in school.  Ah well.


Sometimes it is better/easier to do something and ask for forgiveness later than it is to ask for permission.

What would you do if say you won the lottery and money was not a question anymore?

For me I would give some to friends, and family.  I would also travel and take my husband and daughter with me.  I would most assuredly FIRE my current health insurance providers and get the absolute best I could find.  Pay off all of my debt and buy a small bit of land to put a small aka under  900 sq.ft. house.  That is about all I would do.   The rest I would save and make donations to a few charities as well.


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