As promised shaving

24 Apr

Sorry for the delay ah well life happens and sometimes the shitake hits the fan.

This is what I use for shaving shaving head and this is its full size here

shaver this is what a blade looks like blade of course you will note the naked blade without the safety strips or cartridge.   I promise you that once you try shaving with one it will be the smoothest shave you have ever had. Of course you have to be careful even if the blade is dull when you change the old for a new blade and of course to safely dispose of the old blade.  Just grab either ends to change and never in the middle unless you want to be sliced.

These are my legs before I shaved hairy and scary and a close up hairy and scary closeup as you can see I wanted to grow out my hair so it would be a good comparison with how good the shaver works.  As you can see my legs are very hairy and scary.

You will want to work up a good lather with some soap or shaving cream and a brush as shown here soap in shaving mug this is the before and good lather after.  Now to show the before and after of your shaving brush shaving brush  lather on shaving brush

Now for the final product my legs after I shaved.

after full legs and a close up after my legs are a lot smoother and very little stubble.  The final thing you will want to use after you shave is an alum block or deodorant stone without the sweet smells.  This helps with razor burn, and any possible nicks or small cuts you might have.

This is what that looks like alum block.  After you make the big purchase of the shaver which will cost you less than $20 ordered through Amazon you can then buy a sample pack of blades  also ordered through Amazon (I am sure there are other sites to order these from) to see which ones work the best for you and  100 blades will cost you less than a 4 or 5 pack of your “safety” blades or cartridges.  The alum block is pretty cheap as well.  You can always use a spare mug collecting dust that you have or will never use.  The brush while not vegan friendly is environmentally friendly since it is one my husband does not prefer when he shaves.

This for me is the most economical, environmentally friendly way (less waste in both packaging and throwing away) to shave that I have found for myself.  Even guys can save a lot of money as well.

There are quite a few shaving videos on Youtube that you can find along with even shaving forums.  So go forth and explore and see what works best for you.

If you hate going back to the store only to discover that the shaver that you have no longer has cartridges available for you so you now have the extra added expense of finding a whole new shaver and cartridges aka blades.  It is very frustrating.  This system is probably for you.  If this even reminds you of what your grandfather or even dad may have used then you would be correct it is a bit antiquated but, also more economical.


2 Responses to “As promised shaving”

  1. rbphilip April 26, 2013 at 13:49 #

    I was more than amused by this, as in the masculine world there is a movement back to safety razors and lather precisely as you’ve described. But for faces, of course. 🙂

  2. wickedfairy69 April 27, 2013 at 08:40 #

    Yes I know my husband was the one who encouraged me and I have to admit I get not only a closer shave but, also save a lot of greenbacks. I hope this post not only helps the female population but, also the male.

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