Earth Day

23 Apr

  This is what I did for Earth Day in celebration.  First I recycled an old printer of course that depends on who you ask on whether it actually gets recycled or just shipped off to some third world country to use kids to get any and all spare parts, metals, etc off of it that is of any value.  Sorry bit snippy today.  


I also took my daughter to the park and she had a lot of fun.  


Then when we got home she helped me dig holes after I cleaned out this area a bit so we could plant these sunflowers.  

\Imagethen we planted these flowers.  The bright red is a marigold which are great at pest control and the other is a pansy.  Now whomever decided to call these particular plants pansies was really strange.  I have seen them still green and with flowers after frost, and having about 3 feet of snow on them so in my opinion not pansy at all very tough.  

Image  I hope that you were able to do something good for the Earth even if it was just to hug a tree.  I really hope that we no longer have any more frost other wise most of these plants will most likely die….ah well nature at its best.  




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