The saga continues

19 Apr

Remember when I said that my health insurance issue was solved…..well boy was I wrong. 

It is still ongoing and now instead of annoyed I am “upset” bordering on really pissed off. 

The scoop is that I got another bill from my new Dr. in April so I called my new insurance company to find out what was going on they said that they have not received my medical records and are therefore still denying me care because they want to see if I have any preexisting conditions.  Well at least there was a bit of progress this time I actually got the left hand to talk to the right hand and vice versa wahooo.  So my medical records were supposedly sent March 21 which means that if you look at your calendars that the insurance company should have gotten them by this time unless mail is now being delivered by snail, turtle, or on the slow boat to China to make its way back to the US.  GRRRR.  I did actually get a “courtesy call” back from my new insurance company which is a miracle in and of itself since I was told before that “they dont do that” .  

So now I will be calling EVERY day the medical records people to make sure they have been sent not once but, now twice because my new Dr. (whom I am positive I signed a med release so they could get my medical records way back in November) needs my medical records as well.  So I will either now be there new best friend or their worst enemy.  Then when they tell me that they have sent my medical records to both my new Dr. and my new insurance people I will be calling them EVERY DAY to make sure they have gotten them.  


Do I have better things to do with my life?  YES YES I do.  Do I feel that I have a choice in not calling these idiots oops I mean lovely institutions EVERY FARGING DAY?  No I do not unfortunately.  


I promise to hopefully do my post next week regarding shaving.  


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